SCORPIO AWAKENS Launch Party Invitation

sa-tss-ld-200-300I’m happy to announce that the revised version of Scorpio Awakens is coming out on Friday, November 28, and I invite you to join me on Facebook for the launch party. If you’re online, drop by between 5 – 8 p.m. EST and join me and fellow erotic romance authors as we celebrate the arrival of Scorpio Awakens.

A submissive emerges and submits to her hidden desires!

If you ran into a lover from your youth, one who had stolen and then broken your heart, would you run?

Yes, it’s me, Connor McClane and that’s my first inclination when I see Katherine King again. It’s twenty years later and a lot has happened. I now run a publishing empire and am co-owner of the elite Masquerade Clubs.

Seduction isn’t necessary. We’re both Scorpios. The spark between Kat and me ignites into a flame, and I’m drawn to her like the proverbial moth. Our sex is electric, just like the promise of what we started so many years ago. Determined not to suffer the anguish of separation again, I propose to help Kat discover the truth of her submissive nature. Will she run again?

Throw my business partner and Katherine’s ex into the mix, both intent on driving us apart, and you have a cauldron of intrigue and searing sensuality just waiting to boil over.

Scorpio Awakens is the story of Connor and Katherine’s journey of exploration and discovery. Will they beat the odds?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes that will stimulate your sexual imagination including ménage, dominance and submission, sex toys, etc. Feed your fantasies!


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Join the Scorpio Begins Launch Party


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Coming in August … Scorpio Begins


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