SCORPIO AWAKENS Launch Party Invitation

sa-tss-ld-200-300I’m happy to announce that the revised version of Scorpio Awakens is coming out on Friday, November 28, and I invite you to join me on Facebook for the launch party. If you’re online, drop by between 5 – 8 p.m. EST and join me and fellow erotic romance authors as we celebrate the arrival of Scorpio Awakens.

A submissive emerges and submits to her hidden desires!

If you ran into a lover from your youth, one who had stolen and then broken your heart, would you run?

Yes, it’s me, Connor McClane and that’s my first inclination when I see Katherine King again. It’s twenty years later and a lot has happened. I now run a publishing empire and am co-owner of the elite Masquerade Clubs.

Seduction isn’t necessary. We’re both Scorpios. The spark between Kat and me ignites into a flame, and I’m drawn to her like the proverbial moth. Our sex is electric, just like the promise of what we started so many years ago. Determined not to suffer the anguish of separation again, I propose to help Kat discover the truth of her submissive nature. Will she run again?

Throw my business partner and Katherine’s ex into the mix, both intent on driving us apart, and you have a cauldron of intrigue and searing sensuality just waiting to boil over.

Scorpio Awakens is the story of Connor and Katherine’s journey of exploration and discovery. Will they beat the odds?

Reader Advisory: This book contains scenes that will stimulate your sexual imagination including ménage, dominance and submission, sex toys, etc. Feed your fantasies!


The Geekery Book Review of Scorpio Awakens

Geekery Book Review PicI’m happy to share the following review of Scorpio Awakens done by The Geekery Book Review. I’ve downloaded her photo so you can click on it and jump to her site to read more exciting romance reviews. Many thanks to her for taking the time to read and review my book!

“I always love to read a book that has a strong, beautiful and complex leading  lady. I love that Kat wants to explore her sexuality, and doesn’t worry about  bucking the norm to find what she’s looking for, both emotionally and  physically.

The sex between Kat and Connor is just that, sex. But when Kat  and Tim hit the sheets…or floor..things get extremely hot! The complex  relationship between the three of them adds an interesting twist to the story.  Throw in a jealous wife and business rivals and you get a steamy romance with a
bit suspense.

I admit that I had a hard time getting into the first couple  chapters but once Tim got thrown into the mix, the complexity of the story held  me through until the end. I’m really looking forward to the next book in the  series! I definitely recommend “Scorpio Awakens” for anyone wanting hot and  steamy with a lot of romance.”
The Geekery Book Review

May romance be with you!

~ Lilith ~

A Great Marketing Tool for Writers

author clubI’ve just discovered the coolest site for authors to market their books, and I want to share it with you. Author Marketing Club offers a variety of great resources to help us market our books so we can spend more time doing what we do best – writing.  Here are just a few of the resources they offer:

  • Request reviews of your book
  • Notify their readers when your book is free
  • Network with authors on their Erotica Authors Forum
  • Participate in their Author Interview Series
  • Dialogue with authors in the Guest Post Exchange

There’s so much more to explore on the site, I know you’ll want to skip over there right away.  Go to and check it out for yourself, then let me know what you think.

Happy writing!

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Scorpio Awakens – The Big Day!

ScorpioAwakensCover-socialmediaHello Readers – As of this morning, the “Scorpio Awakens” ebook is available for purchase on Here’s how you can help me spread the word:

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May romance be with you!

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Scorpio Awakens Chapter 17 Snippet – Connor

ScorpioAwakensCover-socialmediaDisclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

Greetings Readers! Work on the book is progressing full speed. I’m doing the very last read-through to ensure that you’re getting the best story before I send it off to the publisher. Meanwhile, thanks again for your patience and support! In your honour, here’s a snippet from Chapter 17.

It was Connor’s turn to look away and examine the interior of the limousine. What was it about Tim that unsettled him? There were only three people in his life who had ever had the ability to strike an emotional chord in him—Brian, Meredith and Katherine. And now, here was Tim with his academic analysis and charming personality triggering a degree of self-examination that Connor had always avoided. There was something about him that Connor couldn’t quite put his finger on, but Tim’s calm, caramel-brown eyes seemed to bathe him with acceptance making him feel at peace. He shook himself back to the present. Tim was still looking at him.

“Let’s see. She’s told me that you’re the first man she ever had an orgasm with, and, until recently, you were the only person who had ever brought her to orgasm. And she told me that she’s afraid you won’t be able to satisfy her sexual needs. She’s afraid she might have to leave you to find what she needs.”

“Cut the crap, Connor. You really can be a prick, can’t you. Don’t try to play me. We can either agree to work honestly together for Katherine’s sake, or we can call it quits right now. Quite frankly I’m surprised by you. Kat led me to believe you were a better person than this. She believes in you. Is she wrong?”

Connor sighed. Katie was right. Tim might seem like the mild-mannered professor, but there was a core of steel and decency in this man, and it would take more than Connor had to offer to shake his foundation.

“I apologize, Tim, and you’re right. I don’t know what got into me. Maybe I’ve been a player for so long that it’s second nature.”

“That’s more crap and you know it. You can be whoever you wish to be. And for this to work with me, with us, I need your word that you’ll be as honest with me as I commit to being with you. That is the only way we can do this without endangering Kat’s emotional stability, and I won’t allow anything to even come close to threatening her in any way.”

“Neither would I,” Connor said heatedly. “Katie is possibly the only person alive that I would go out of my way to protect. I will never do anything to intentionally hurt her.”

“And I will never allow anyone or anything to cause her pain if it’s in my power to prevent it,” Tim said.

“I may have the power to bruise her, Tim, but only you have the power to break her. If I allowed myself to feel envy, I’d certainly feel it about your relationship with Katie.”

“Huh, that’s what Kat said,” Tim said.

“What, that I could bruise her?

“No, that I was the only person she’d allowed in and that I could destroy her.”

“Our Katie is a wise woman,” Connor said. “You’ll learn most of what she said when she gushed about you during your training. She made it clear that you’re the centre of her universe.

May romance be with you!

~ Lilith ~
Cover design & Photography: Tiku Roemello Fisher |

Scorpio Awakens #15 Snippet – Connor

Hello Readers – I hope this note finds you well and thriving!

I’ve been having lots of fun doing research for this chapter. It amazes me how much time can be spent making sure I’m giving an accurate representation of descriptions and facts, such as what types of electronic scanning technology is recommended if one wishes to be certain that uninvited guests cannot enter the premises. I’m hopeful that this time will be well spent and that you’ll find the information I give to support my imaginings will feel authentic to you.

So, this chapter is from Connor’s perspective, and he’s going to give Tim a final test before he fully commits to training him to be Katherine’s Dom.


“I belong to an exclusive BDS society, call it a club if you will, called The Scorpio 2/4. I’m taking you there as my guest so you can see first hand what true Doms and Subs are like.”

“Now wait just a–”

“Hear me out, Tim; don’t get excited. You don’t have to participate; actually, it should be quite appealing to your voyeuristic tendencies. It’s all very confidential and security is tight. Everyone wears a mask, so you don’t need to worry about being recognized, nor will you recognize anyone. I’m offering you the chance to explore the world of bondage, discipline, domination and submission first hand. Our members don’t get into sado-masochism; there are other clubs for those interested in participating in that world. Of course, if you’re not interested, we can turn around right now; just say the word.”

“I want to hear more about it before I decide,” Tim said. “Do you have any rum?”

Connor laughed and mixed a rum and Pepsi for him. “I assume you have questions,” he said.

“Oh, I have a lot of questions,” Tim said. “Like where is it? And why not Scorpio two four nineteen? Like why would your members let a complete stranger watch them? Like how do I know there won’t be pressure for me to participate? Like –”

“Whoa whoa.” Connor laughed. “You are quick. One question at a time please. As for where it is, it’s in upstate New York. All members agree to take personal responsibility for any guests they bring, but to ensure our safety and security, we never disclose the location. I’m sure you noticed that there are no windows in this limo.”

“Yes, I noticed. Pretty cloak and dagger.”

“It’s not foolproof, but it does deter intruders from invading our privacy. All members are thoroughly vetted by a security firm. A member can only gain access with a fingerprint, retinal and voice scan. Two four nineteen is too cumberesome. As for why members would let a complete stranger watch them, that’s an easy one. As part of the extensive vetting process, the applicant specifies what particular activites they’re disposed to, including voyeurism and exhibitionism. There are viewing rooms for the voyeurs, activity rooms for the exhibitionists and private rooms for those who prefer privacy.” Connor poured himself another two fingers of scotch without taking his eyes off of Tim.

“Huh. I’m surprised that you limit yourselves to the confines of one location, or do you?” Tim asked.

“How perceptive of you, Tim. Members recognize each other with this ring, which enables them to take part in their particular hobby without disruption to their usually vanilla home lives.”

“A scorpian? Why a scorpian?”


So there you have it, a little teaser to keep you going. And now I’d better get back to putting the final polish on Chapter 16, which is Tim’s experience at The Scorpio.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. I thank you all for hanging in there and supporting me through this exciting first novel experience of mine – very different from writing textbooks, articles and short stories.

May romance be with you!

~ Lilith ~


Source: Google Images

Hello Readers – I hope you’ve had a fabulous week! Mine has been the usual busy combination of re-writing, pinning (on Pinterest), tweeting and reading. I zoomed through Sylvia Day’s “Reflected in You,” which is the second book in her Crossfire Series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I must say that I was quite startled by the ending; but, as a writer, I know that it’s best for me to suspend making any judgments until I see how she’ll handle her cliffhanger in the third book. Do join our Crossfire Series group on Goodreads if you’d like to view or participate in many indepth discussions on both “Bared to You” and “Reflected in You.”

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy with edits on “Scorpio Awakens,” and here’s a snippet from the Double Diary entry in Chapter 14 when Tim introduces the concept to Katherine:

Once we’d eaten more than our fill including a decadent bread pudding slathered in sweet cream and fresh coconut cake, we rolled our way over to the chaise lounge perched across the edge of the deck. By this time we were well into the first bottle of Amarone, and I figured the mood was just about right to invite open and candid dialogue.

“Okay, babe, what’s on your mind?” Katherine asked. I smiled in recognition of her usual direct and intuitive nature. I handed her a journal before sitting on the lounge chair opposite.

“I wrote this for you, Kat. Please read it and let me know what you think.”

A Double Diary on Tuesday, August 21

Not a new concept, but unique considering the traditional diary is usually a one-person endeavour that offers the benefit of personal insight and/or a record for historical reflection. A two-person diary provides the opportunity for so much more.

I intend to use it, and it is my hope that you will too. Why? One day, it may be a very interesting and emotional read. A reflection of the day to day, week to week, month to month relationship of two people’s lives, thoughts, concerns, needs, wants, etc., but most importantly, the shared love!

This is the long-term perspective, but the true essence of this diary is the day-to-day notations of private thoughts to be shared by us. There should be an attempt to make our notations of a personal nature, which, if you think about it, really opens the door. Notations do not have to be every day, every week or even every month. It would be good to sign and date notations made. This helps to maintain a chronological perspective, but it does not preclude any other form of interaction from verbal to your sticky notes. I like those. They give me a good example of my intentions for this diary. You don’t write a sticky-note everyday; sometimes not for months. But, when the mood strikes you, you share your thoughts. This does not imply that your diary notations will always be positive. In fact, I’m sure you remember how much easier it is to deal with issues, sometimes, some issues, on paper. It gives you that arms-length protection, giving time for considered thought.

Thoughts on sex is another great example. Just think of the possibilities. Stories, short or otherwise, to stimulate. Fantasies to excite. (Yes, yes; just another word for stimulate as I guess that’s the point of sex.) Insights into our sexual activities. Such as, “Oh, I liked this” or “That was different.” Of course, I would write back asking for elaboration and perhaps share thoughts from my perspective. So many possibilities!

I believe I’m getting excited just writing about what we could write about. In any case, I’m sure this could be a place to express those things that at the time would only disrupt that languid aftermath. After having you, I can only feel good, but I wouldn’t usually want to break down the activity. The next day, we could talk, but time and life circumstance sometimes supersede the opportunity. That is not to say we shouldn’t talk. I certainly enjoy that as well. This provides another great outlet for insight into the pursuit of perfection. I’m not sure how you could get any better, but I’d love to try.

Sex is not by any means the exclusive focus for this diary, but, as I indicated to you, it was the catalyst….

Can we take another step, through this diary, to even more hidden desires and new experiences? Perhaps. At least, even sharing and recognizing your sexuality excites; it’s another form of foreplay. Anyway, a diary provides an outlet for fun and insight when other methods of communication just don’t work or become awkward for various reasons….

Life cycles, and so would the use of this diary. Now for the logistics. I would probably keep it in our bedroom, possibly in my beside table drawer for easy access for us. If and when I write something, I will tell you or hand it to you. I’m just trying to facilitate the ease of process, confidentiality and privacy for us.

I eagerly await your comments. Tim

The smile of delight never left her face. After another gulp of wine, she grabbed the pen, bit her lip for a minute, and then wrote frantically. I sat mesmerized. No matter how long our time together, she never ceased to amaze me. She sipped and wrote. I refilled and watched. Eventually, she handed me the notebook, grinning….


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Enjoy an awesome weekend!



Scorpio Awakens Chapter 13 Snippet – Cecile


Okay, okay, I can hear you all now – who the hell is Cecile? ~happy face~ Remember the character named Liz, one of Connor’s submissives? Well, as it turns out, her real name is Cecile, and we find out more about who she is when she meets with another character named Sophia to plot Katherine’s demise. Here’s a snippet:

“Tim says not only is she beautiful, but he loves her honesty and directness. He says she always calls a spade a spade, and you always know where you stand with her.”

“Well, isn’t that precious,” Cecile said. “Well, we’re just going to have to knock her down a peg or two. What do you say, Sophia? Have I made the right choice here? Are you with me on this?” You’ve obviously done your homework, so you know I have the power to make this happen if you work with me.”

“Let’s be honest here, Cecile. Me becoming Provost is more than a stretch, it’s impossible. Provost is an academic position and only professors are considered. I have an accounting designation, not a doctorate.”

“Nothing’s impossible if you have enough money, and as you know, your university is crying for money. For example, I’m willing to make sure they have the funds they need to build the new library in exchange for your promotion to Provost.”

Sophia was quiet while she continued eating her pasta. Cecile sipped her wine trying not to show her impatience. Take it easy. Don’t scare her off now.


I had lots of fun doing the edits on this chapter (as I am with all of them). I’m almost finished edits on Chapter 14. Would that I had more time! Like most working women, balancing work, family, research – tee hee – and writing proves to be an ongoing challenge. Neil is my hero, my muse and foremost supporter of this project, and he helps me clear time whenever and wherever we can. With his help, I’m able to devote at least 1.5 hours per day, BUT IT’S NOT ENOUGH. Okay, that’s my little rant for today.

I’ve decided not to read any more erotic romance novels until I’ve finished the final edits on my book; less chance of being influenced by what’s out there. I am committed to sticking to the original story I wrote in 2011.

Do enjoy a wonderful weekend. If you haven’t already, so follow me on Twitter (lilithdarville), Pinterest (Lilith Darville) – check out the character playlists and Goodreads. Of course, I love to hear from you, so please comment below or touch me up on Twitter.

Enjoy an awesome weekend!



Scorpio Awakens Chapter 12 Snippet – Tim

Source: Google Images

Hello Readers – I’ve missed you! How have you been doing?

Although I’m not posting full chapters here on the blog, I thought I’d post snippets for you and keep you posted about the progress I’m making. Right now, I’m heavily into my own edits (now on Chapter 12), and I’m waiting for the editor to return the work letting me know the changes she thinks need to be made. The cover art is in the works, and I’m really excited to see the proofs from the photo shoot.

Meanwhile, back to the story – here’s a couple of snippets from Chapter 12. This chapter is written from Tim’s point of view. After a meeting with Connor when Tim suggests a way he can be more involved, Tim takes Katherine away on an exotic holiday. During that time, he introduces the Double Diary….

A Double Diary Thursday, August 23

Katherine writes….

Well, it certainly is a welcome and “stimuating” idea. I like that it’s open and affords me the freedom I need given my life circumstnce – balancing love, life and work. And, I’m loving anything that moves us in our exploration of our sexualty. I feel almost ashamed about how I’m revelling in your love and our growing exploration of sexuality. Sometimes I fear you’ll be bored; so certainly this presents a way to add a different dimension to that exploration.

 And yes, it can serve as a way tto explore other aspects of our emotional life together. Right now, I suspect that weill mainly be positive for me – I don’t think I have the need anymore to express difficult emothions through the written word – I’m much stronger an have come to prefer the verbal sparring if need be. So, for me, it will likely be about sex and love. 🙂

 I smiled at this beautiful and inspiring woman I was blessed to have love me. We finished our wine, drinking in the splendour of the full moon as it reflected off the gently lapping waves. Although the fragrant salt sea air and tropcal flora tended to overwhelm, it was Katherine’s scent that penetrated, gently reminding me of my longing for her. I stood, reached for her hand and led us into our bedroom. Like musicians who have played together so long they have no need of a conductor, we went about our bedtime ritual.  As we brushed our teeth, Kat’s watched me in the bathroom mirror, her love and desire misting over me like a piece of gossamer silk. I loved the way she brushed her teeth, unashamed to show me an act she considered so personal; yet another gift she gave to me alone. She rinsed, spat and dried her mouth, her gaze never leaving me. I stood behind her and nuzzled her hair with my cheek and let her warm fragrance envelope me. Minutes passed before she turned in my arms, wrapped her arms around my neck and kissed me deeply. Our love making was long and slow and deep. Eyes the colour of ebony gazed back at mine as she whispered my name again and again. I whispered back, “Kat, my Kat.” We explored every inch of each other’s body as if for the first time. I felt the moment of her surrender and knew she was mine. I surrendered to her with equal abandon as our howls of joy drifted out with the ocean tide. We fell asleep naked and wrapped in each other’s arms.


 That’s it for now, folks. Stay tuned for more as the editing continues, and thank you for being a Scorpio Awakens reader. I appreciate your support!

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Scorpio Awakens Chapter 11 Snippet – Tim

Source: Google Images

Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

“I was wondering how you felt about the other night. How did you find it? From the sounds of what Cecile told me, you found it exciting.” Connor sat back in his chair and swirled the amber liquid around in the glass he held. His grey-green eyes never left mine; eyes that held no judgement, only curiosity. I felt myself relax.“I found it exciting and terrifying. It opened a whole host of feelings that I didn’t know I had. But most of all, it made me realize that I want to be the one Katherine completely surrenders to. And I need to be part of her training to be a submissive.”

Both of Connor’s eyebrows shot straight to the ceiling. He took a swig of his drink.

“Well this is a surprise. That’s exactly what I was going to talk to you about. So how would you do that? Connor asked.

I took a deep breath. “I want you to train me to be a – what do you call it – a dom.” I felt a slight flush of heat warm my face, but Connor’s steady gaze put me at ease. For some strange reason I felt I could confide in this man.

“And what does that look like, exactly?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that Katherine needs to know that I’m involved. I can’t really explain how deeply I love her or how committed I am to knowing and understanding her. Watching her with you made me realize that Kat could never fully submit herself to you body and soul. It’s something I know for sure at the core of my being. So she’ll still have this need, this ‘itch’ as she calls it. And she won’t ask me to be something I’m not, and although I talk a good story about being in control sexually, I’ve held back. And I’m babbling as Kat would say.” I took a large mouthful of my rum and coke.

“Actually, having you involved were my sentiments exactly, although I’m not quite sure how that will happen. Training you as a dominant, dom as you say, is an intriguing thought. But you need to think about this very hard; we’ll all need to think about this very hard. Once you’ve gone down this path, there’s no turning back, Tim. Are you sure you want to run the risk of sex play ruining your marriage?”

“I want some time to think about it, and I want to talk with Kat about it. I’m going to take her away for a few days so we can focus on each other without distraction and talk this out. But first, I need to know if you’re willing to teach me to be a dom.”

“You mean while I’m training Katherine to be a submissive? Actually, that’s a misnomer, all I’m doing is bringing Kath’s repressed urges to the surface so she acknowledges them, but that’s splitting hairs. I’m willing to give it some thought. What makes you think you’re up for this?”

“You mean besides my love for Katherine and my ongoing commitment to self-exploration? Well, I guess it probably has something to do with the school of philosophical thought I come from. As a stoic, I believe that the key to happiness is to understand there are two things you can’t control and to embrace the things you can control. You can’t control other people and they way they behave nor can you control the world around you. You can control your own attitudes and perceptions.”


Katherine interrupted my ruminations by slipping her arms around my waist and hugging me from behind. I turned in her arms and brushed her lips with mine before slipping out of her embrace to pour her a glass of the wine I had decanted. Together we watched the sun slipping into the ocean as it made the journey that turned day into a dusk full of secrets to reveal. The breeze brought the combined scents of island flora and ocean saltiness while it ruffle the white gauzy material of Katherine’s long dress revealing her the full bloom of her slender body. Katherine turned toward me, and the intensity of her gaze tightened my groin. How I loved the way she communicated her need, her body radiating heat and the black streaks in her eyes glowing like coal embers alive with her desire. I bent down and kissed her lips enjoying the way she played my lips with her tongue. I could never quite get over her passion for the feel of my lips; she loved the shape and feel of them and often whispered that I had the sexiest lips alive.

Her message spoke directly to Big Hugh, and he responded in kind. Plans be damned. Without a word, I took her by the hand and led her inside the luxurious accommodations. Choosing a wide chaise lounge that seemed made for the purpose, I lay back letting the soft linen of my open shirt drape my chest. The warm sea breeze drifted through the sheers cloaking us in a blanket of sensual warmth. Katherine’s breath caught as she stood looking at me, head tilted to one side unaware of the depth of the power she had over me. A small smile played over her lips. She swayed her hips just a little as if in time to some Latin music only she could hear while unbuttoning one button, then the next, then the next. I watched her unbutton each button of the long dress, bending at a slight angle as she reached the skirt giving me a vision of the curve of a full, firm buttock as it peeked through the curtain of fabric. She straightened and looked at me, widening the split edges of the dress just enough so that the swell of her breasts peeked through. Heat and desire coursed through me as I watched her large nipples harden and elongate as she channeled her passion in return. She stood as if waiting for my command, and I let her wait a beat while I got a grip on Big Hugh’s urgent requests for attention.

When I felt ready, I motioned her to me with my index finger. She swept the front of the dress wide open and in two strides sat straddled over me. Her small hands massaged my chest, alternately playing with my nipples and gently tugging my sparse chest hairs. The nub of her clitoris peeking through her swollen lips brought Hugh back to attention, and I slipped my finger into the well of her dripping wet cunt.

This glorious symbol of her womanhood became the canvas and my fingers the pencil as I sketched the outline of the rare orchid it reminded me of. When Kat started to moan and wriggle, I cupped her buttock with my left hand to hold her firm. For a few moments she would look at me intensely, and I knew she was begging me to make her come, but only when I’d finished the outline did I work on shading the nub. She closed her eyes and moaned, and I felt her buttocks tighten as what she called the quivers of pleasure shot through her. She looked at me again, her eyes black with need….

Wonderful readers – this is the last chapter I’ll be posting on the blog on the advice of my mentors. I will continue to post short stories for your reading pleasure; and I will, of course, let you know when the book is available, which I expect to be the end of September.

As always, if you have any feedback or questions, please do post them below, and I’ll respond. If you don’t already, I’d love it if you connect with me on Twitter (@lilithdarville). Take good care!

May romance be with you!