Scorpio Awakens Chapter 10 Snippet – Connor

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 Once again, the gates stood open as he neared the estate. He pulled up in front and rang the doorbell. A look of appreciation lit Meredith’s face as those clear-blue eyes appraised him when she opened the door. A lean, muscular and absolutely stunning man replaced the adolescent boy she’d known. Connor had grown to his full height of five feet ten inches, and his body had the perfect proportions few were blessed with. This time it was Connor who gave her a wink that highlighted his gorgeous gray-green eyes.

“I’m back,” he said.

“It’s about time,” she said as she opened the door and gestured him inside.

They spent every moment that he wasn’t working together. They talked, slept, ate and fucked. He couldn’t get enough of her. That summer, she initiated him into the world of BDSM and released the hidden dominance she recognized in him. Meredith was a submissive, and she’d asked him to help her explore her hidden desires, desires that a former lover had awakened.

She told him about how she’d met the dominant who had recognized her need to submit and the gratitude she felt for this discovery. He told her about his dream of becoming a physician and his eagerness to start university in the fall. He asked how she got the job house sitting for the ‘old geezer’ Brett Sandvine. She laughed and said that Brett wasn’t all that old at 45, vaguely mentioning that she’d met him a long time ago. They shared their hopes and dreams along with their voracious sexual appetites. In between kissing, licking, sucking and fucking, they took long drives in the sports cars that Brett collected. Connor loved the way the custom-made Jaguar XJC convertible handled, and they spent hours tearing up the back country roads with the top down, wind rushing through their hair. Connor loved watching the way the breeze lifted Meredith’s thick brown curls. He thrived on her delighted laughter each time he took a curve a bit too fast or pushed the high-performance sports engine to the upper limits of its tremendous speed capacity. She loved fast cars and the men who had the balls to drive them the way they were built to be driven. He developed a fondness for the fine wines and gourmet food that abounded at the estate. But none of that mattered without Meredith. What had started as a school-boy crush blossomed into a full blown love for Connor, and although she hadn’t said it, he was sure Meredith felt the same way.

Connor was sure nothing could burst the bubble of their bliss. Certain Meredith was the one he was meant to spend his life with, he gave her some flimsy excuse – he couldn’t remember what it had been – for why he needed to borrow her MG so he could shop for a ring. He remembered her smile and the sound of her laughter as she wrapped herself around him and kissed him deeply. She told him to take all the time he needed; she was going to bike down to the public beach.

He was thrilled to find the perfect ring in the beach town of Bayfield and eager to get back to Meredith. He cranked up the volume on the tape deck and sang at the top of his lungs to his favourite Eagles tunes. He was convinced no one had written better songs, and the line “Oh sweet darlin’, you get the best of my love” said it all. Unsure of just how he was going to do it, but equally sure he’d propose that very night, Connor tossed around ideas as the miles sped by. He came back to reality with a jolt as he neared Kincardine and a cluster of cars and people ahead. He pulled to the side and walked over to see what was happening and offer his help if needed. As he neared he saw the crushed remains of a bicycle lying beside the mangled front end of a van. For a split second, his brain refused to process the sight of Meredith lying curled on her side on the pavement or hear the buzz of voices wondering what they should do. He strode forward pushing someone out of his way, knelt beside her and gathered her in his arms. She’s only fainted, that’s it, she’s passed out. She’ll come to in a minute. But her utter stillness and the trickle of blood oozing from the corner of her mouth told him differently. He cradled her in his arms and screamed and screamed and screamed without making a sound. He remained frozen with her until the emergency crew took her from him. Connor’s pain hardened into rage.

“Who did this?” The quiet intensity of his voice frightened the woman crouched beside him. She stood and pointed to a man sitting on the curb holding his head in his hands, rocking and making a mumbling sound. Connor stood and walked toward him intent on finding out what had happened. As he neared the smell of alcohol fumes overwhelmed him. The man’s mumbles became a chant: “It’s not my fault. I didn’t mean to.” Connor looked at him and felt the beginnings of the white-hot edge of a fury that threatened to consume him. He bent and whispered, “Even prison is too good for you. I’ll make sure you pay for this the rest of your miserable life.” As he walked away, he vowed he would never allow himself to feel this kind of pain again. Instead, he would do whatever it took to gain the power and control to crush the miserable excuse for a human being who had taken his Meredith from him.

Tormented by the pain of his loss, Connor shut down and walled off the world. For just over a week, the only action he took was that which kept him alive. At night, he lay on the bunk house bed and stared at the ceiling. His chest constricted and his heart tore, again and again and again. He stared at the unpainted planks that made up the far wall and saw nothing but his own tortured thoughts. When he couldn’t stand that any more, he moved to the picnic table bench in the tiny kitchen. He couldn’t function; at times he felt he couldn’t breathe. Each day, his emotions crawled a little closer to the room in the corner of his mind where he could lock them up and throw away the key. Meredith had been his one love. Connor would never allow himself to feel the kind of pain that came with the loss; it was just too raw, too hard. Life would never be the same for him. At the end of ten days, he emerged, unshaven, ragged and a little beaten down, but confident he would attain the wealth and power he needed to assure him complete control over all aspects of his life.


That bitch. Fucking Cecile. If she fucks this up for me, I’m going to kill her.

“You have my word that the only people who knew about our meeting was you and the woman you call Liz. Oh, and you said you’d told Tim, right?”

“Connor, if you’re trying to insinuate something here—”

“I’m not trying to insinuate anything, Kath. Give me some time to investigate this, okay?”

 “Well, if it wasn’t you, then it must have been Liz,” Katherine said. “But why would one of your subs play a trick that? And how would she know—”

“Katherine,” his tone took on a hard edge. “Leave it with me.”

“Okay, Connor, okay. Don’t get pissy with me. I’m sure you can understand why this is so upsetting.”

He softened his tone, “I do, and I’ll get to the bottom of this, I promise.”

Connor pushed his midnight grey Maserati far in excess of the speed limit as he drove home, his mind whirling with confusion. What would possess Cecile to start playing games at this late date? She’d been privy to many of his adventures before without repercussion. So why now?

He activated his hands free phone. “Call Cecile.” He waited impatiently for the call to connect.

“Connor.” She sounded happy to hear from him. “I wondered when you’d surface. Where have you been?”

“Cut the crap, Cecile. Meet me in my suite in an hour. I have something I want to discuss with you.”

“But, I’m in the middle of—”

“One hour,” he snapped and disconnected the call. He tapped the hands-free remote again. “Call Tim King work,” and listened to the disembodied voice saying: Calling Tim King work.

“Dr. King.”

“Tim, it’s Connor. I just got your message; and I agree, we need to meet. How soon are you available?”

“I’m due in a meeting in ten minutes that will last several hours. How about six o’clock at the Library Bar?”

 “That works for me. See you there,” Connor said and rang off.

 Cecile would pay for this….

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Scorpio Awakens Ch. 9: Katherine – Erotica

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She knew the drill. Bathe, eat, drink and be ready for whatever Connor fancied on this particular night. He’d been more cryptic than usual in his last text message, if that was possible. Katherine had kept her word and let Tim know the time and place. He hadn’t seemed all that interested and had sent her off with a quick kiss and wishes for a good time. Strange; she had expected more of a reaction. Who could figure men, and they said women were complex. Not hardly in comparison.Surprise barely registered when Liz appeared behind her at the Lapis Club. She led Katherine to the same room they’d used on her last visit, only this time Liz opened the door, gestured Katherine inside and left. The room looked the same as it had last visit with one exception; on the far wall of the main room, a drape was pulled aside to reveal a door with a small piece of paper on it. She put her purse and jacket on a chair before walking over and reading the note.

Come in when you’re ready for me, not before. C.

Her curiosity would have to wait, she needed the time to get ready. Now that Tim had given his consent, she found herself relaxing in welcome anticipation of the events ahead. She took a sip of the Cosmopolitan sitting on the sideboard and found she was beginning to acquire a real taste for them. After a quick bath scented with her signature fragrance L’Air du Temps, she slipped into the blue silken gown and chose a selection from the culinary spread on the sideboard. Her thoughts wandered as she ate.

If there is heaven on earth, this is surely it — great food, great drinks and an evening of sexual discovery.  I wonder what Connor has in store for us tonight? … Where did he get all the money for this? … Does his wife know about it? Did it matter? … What is Tim doing tonight? … How far is Connor willing to take this? … Too bad Tiim can’t see this place, he’d love the opulence. … How had Connor arranged for all of this? … What great pie.

So many questions to which she had few answers. Katherine took her time finishing her drink after eating her fill, letting her mind revel in images of Tim and Connor. Excitement flooded through her as she imagined Connor’s muscular buttocks as they drove his equally thick muscular cock into her. Could cocks be muscular? She shook her head — this was not the time to be analytical. A vision of Tim’s warm mouth sucking her nipples and working his way down sent a shiver of anticipation through her. It’s time.

She brushed her teeth, fluffed her hair, loosened the sash on the gown she wore like a second skin and crossed to the door. The note was gone — when had that happened? The door opened inward to a small candle-lit room. A bed stood against the back wall facing an outward wall with six panels, three of which were covered by drapes alternating with three that looked like they were covered with embossed silk the same colour as the gown she wore. An identical gown lay over the back of a small chair tucked into a corner. One of the two small tables on either side of the bed held a covered tray, and she instinctively knew better than to peek. She guessed that it contained adjuncts for his sexual experimentation that he preferred to keep as a surprise for her. Lying on the middle of a multi-coloured brocade spread was a small black band, which upon closer inspection proved to be a blindfold. She smiled. It was just like Connor to let her know his expectations while leaving her the choice. She slipped the blindfold on and adjusted it so that it was comfortable, then felt her way onto the bed.

She lay luxuriating in the feel of her body contouring to the tempura mattress, tingling with anticipation. She had no idea what to expect; she never did with this man. Connor had never liked to be predictable. He preferred to prolong the overwhelming emotional thrill and uncontrollable anguish that left her breathless, as if free standing on the edge of a cliff. Every nerve ending awoke as a quiver of excitement whispered from her vulva gaining momentum as it shot throught her abdomen to her nipples. A faint odour lingered like the shadow of an ancient inscence used by Aphrodite as the air stirred around her. She lay perfectly still knowing his eyes devoured her raw sexuality. Impatient to begin, she raised her hand.

“I’m ready.”

“I can see that,” he replied. She felt the smooth leather of the restraints he favoured as he fastened each wrist above her head.  A sound like drapes sliding on a track drew her attention, but he grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs apart before she had the chance to ask. She felt the bed give way as he sat beside her. His breath brushed her ear as he whispered, ‘Tonight you can make all the noise you wish. I plan to make you beg to come. Are you sure you’re ready?”

An odd timbre in his voice gave her pause and a sliver of nervous excitement rolled over her.  Am I ready for what?

“Well?” It was barely a whisper, yet she felt the question like the crack of a whip and nodded. God help me, yes, I’m ready.

“Excellent. Then we begin.” As his breath left her ear, she caught a hint of his scent, something that reminded her of a walk through a forest after a warm spring rain. A soft tickle trickled from the nape of her neck between her breasts, circled each nipple and continued its journey over her stomach to her dripping wet vulva. Katherine arched and moaned as the tickle became a twig brushing her pulsing clitoris.

Oh my god, it’s a feather. He’s using a feather. He knows how much I hate light touch. She struggled and arched toward him, her body begging him to stop the torture and get down to the business at hand, that of making her come. Yet the feather continued fluttering over every exposed surface, forcing her to fight for control to keep from shouting her need to him. She knew that’s what he wanted, and she’d be damned if she’d let him win that easily. She breathed deeply, but her mind screamed. In and out, nice and slow. You can do this, Katherine. In and out. I can’t stand it; please, Connor. Breathe in and out.

As suddenly as it began, the feather left, and Connor shifted his position on the bed. With one hand, he spread her lips wide and one of his long tapered fingers slid over her throbbing clit. Katherine sighed in anticipation of relief for her ‘little girl in the boat’, but her hope was short lived. He slid his finger back and forth a couple of times as if taking the measure of her readiness. Like an artist working a wet canvas, he drew circles around her labia with the occasional foray into her vagina. Moisture rolled down her cheeks pooling on the thick silk sheets he favoured. Once again she tried to control her panting. In and out; easy now. Oh god. Oh god. In, out. Now, Connor, now! In and out.

When she was sure she would pass out from sheer need and the effort to control herself, she felt Connor’s weight leave the bed. Thinking she had a moment to relax, she stretched her legs and took several deep breathes before Connor spread her legs with a hand resting on each thigh. Then she felt his tongue drawng a pattern over the traces left by his fingers. In seconds she was writhing, twisting, panting and moaning again.

“Suck me,” she begged. “Suck.” She tried to shove her pelvis toward his mouth, but his hands held her firmly in place. Wild with desire, her head shook from side to side as waves of desire washed over her. “Now, now, now, now, now.” No longer capable of lucid thought, she wasn’t sure if she’d screamed out loud or only thought the words. Connor continued stroking every inch of her vulva slowly and deliberately. Katherine thrashed and whimpered, arched and groaned, writhing and twisting within the confines of the restraints, lost in the agony of her need. When his lips closed around her engorged nub, she screamed. “Now, oh please god, now, Connor.” Yet still he took his time gently sucking, his rhythm just enough to keep her on the edge of the vortex.

Slowly, with agonizing deliberateness, Connor increased the pressure and speed taking Katherine to the edge of the cliff yet not allowing her to jump off. A sensation started deep within her core, like the ripple from a pebble making its way to the bottom of a still pond; but release seemed just beyond her reach. She held her breath and her back arched even more as she struggled to take that final leap. Her body went rigid as she felt it slipping away. She lay suspended, then, without warning, the ripples became wave after wave crashing through her as the elusive orgasm took hold. Minutes passed as she lay gripped by the spasms of pleasure that burst through her. She was vaguely aware of the sound like drapes on a track again, but took no notice.

Connor gave her no time to recover before mounting her. Like a steed answering the call of a mare in heat, he rode her deep and hard. His rigid cock stroked her reactive G-spot, forcing her to come again and again, each as explosive as the last. In the midst of her writhing, the blindfold worked its way off. With all the effort of her will, she opened her eyes and stared directly into his penetrating eyes that seemed to widen with wonder at the depths of her desire. As the power of her orgasms ebbed, she marvelled at his ability to control his own orgasm. Finally after what seemed an eternity, he threw his head back and roared his release.

Connor rested in her a moment before pulling out and getting up from the bed. He removed the straps binding her wrists, then leaned down and kissed her gently on the lips. With his back to her, he put on the robe that rested on the chair. He walked to the door and paused looking back at her.

“You are a wonder,” he said. “Tim is a very lucky man.” And with that, he was gone.

Katherine rested for a few minutes, but found that she did not feel the usual torpor that overtook her after great sex. Instead, all she could think about was getting home to Tim and sharing the details of her experience. It was still early, and she wanted to explore her feelings while wrapped in the cocoon off his loving embrace. She took a quick shower, dressed and was in the car Connor left at her disposal headed for home within 15 minutes. She gave the driver her address and settled back for the half hour drive. It seemed interminable, yet went quickly. She decided not to check her phone, instead basking in the afterglow of the many orgasmic tremors that lingered. They were nothing like the quivers that rolled through her after making love with Tim, but were pleasant nonetheless. 

Disappointment hit her in the gut when she saw Tim’s car gone and the house wrapped in darkness. Why had Tim gone out? Where would he have gone? Was that why he was so casual about her tryst with Connor? She gave her head a shake and went into the house. He’d probably gone out to get something to eat. He was never one to cook for himself and preferred some quick takeout. That would give her time to change and open a bottle of wine to accompany her tale.

Katherine had just finished changing into her favourite lounging outfit and opening a bottle of wine when she heard Tim’s key in the door. Excited, she ran to meet him and threw her arms around his shoulders giving him a kiss. Uncertainty stopped her cold as his lips slid from hers and she felt him stiffen. Was that liquor she smelled on his breath?

“Whoa there,” he said. “What’s all this about?”

“I’m just happy to see you. I rushed home to be with you.”

He shrugged off his jacket. Katherine followed him into the kitchen where two glasses of wine stood on the butcher’s block. Tim picked one up, downed it and poured another. Katherine’s eyes widened in surprise — Tim usually only drank when upset; but she said nothing.

“Why? Wasn’t your night with Connor good enough to keep you occupied?”

Katherine winced at the sarcasm dripping from his voice and tried not to react to it. It was not good when both were upset. Two Scorpions with acerbic tongues spelled a recipe for knives twisting open wounds that might not heal.

“What’s the matter, Tim? Are you upset about me being with Connor tonight?”

“Yes. No. I don’t know. Let’s face it Kat —

“Oh hell. I might as well come right out with it. I’ve been with someone myself tonight.”

His pronouncement stunned her into silence, and Katherine could feel the shock freeze her smile in place. Now it was her turn to down a glass of wine and pour another giving her precious moments to collect her thoughts. Tim? With someone else? Who? How had he met her? Was it someone he knew? Was it someone she knew? Was this the first time?

“Is this some kind of payback, Tim? Because, if it is…..”

“No, it’s nothing like that, Kat,” he said. “It just happened.”

“What do you mean, it just happened?”

“I mean, it wasn’t planned; it just happened. Look, why don’t we sit down. I know this is difficult to hear, believe me, I know. I tell you what — how about you tell me about your time with Connor and I’ll tell you about my, um, encounter. Deal?”

“Give me a minute,” Katherine said. She took a break that was more thinking than bio. She needed time to sort out her feelings. Jealousy hit her square between the eyes as did an intense feeling of possessiveness that she hadn’t felt for some time.  Her own words were coming back to haunt her: “What’s good for the goose is good for the gander.” Fuck. How could she have been so stupid not to have seen this coming. Had he done it for spite just so she’d feel exactly the way she was feeling at the moment? She tried to cope with the deluge of emotions rushing through her. Was she even a little curious about what had happened? She wasn’t quite sure; it certainly wasn’t the predominant feeling. One thing she did know, she’d have to hear his story to sort this out. When she returned a few minutes later, she found Tim sitting in the living room with a fresh bottle of wine open on the coffee table.

“Okay, Tim, you go first, and I want to know everything.”

“Where do you want me to start?”

“Let’s start with how you met her.”

“I met her in a bar. It was random. I’d had a little too much to drink if that’s any excuse.”

“I’m having trouble believing this, Tim. This is completely unlike you.”

“Look, Katherine, none of this is like either of us, so obviously some things have changed. I didn’t intend for this to happen, it just did.”

“What bar?”

“It was just a bar. She was staying at the hotel, and we got to chatting. She invited me up to her room and gave me a blow job. While she was in the bathroom afterwards, I left. End of story.” Tim took a drink while Katherine continued to stare at him.

“Something doesn’t sound right about this, Tim. How can you not the name of the bar?”

“Do you know what it’s like to be home alone while your wife is off fucking someone else? When I couldn’t stand it anymore I decided to go out. I wandered downtown because it’s where I met Connor, and I thought I might see you there. I don’t know what else you want to know, Kat.”

Katherine was quiet for a beat before asking, “What’s her name?”

“I don’t know.”

“You don’t know? You never asked her name?”

“Why is that so hard to believe. Requiring details is your specialty, not mine. It was one of those mindless moments we’ve often talked about. She looked good, she smelt good, and she came on to me. That’s all there was to it.”

Katherine hesitated unsure of how much more she wanted to know. “What did she look like? Was she beautiful?”

“Not beautiful, attractive. Kind of average looking really, but she had one hell of a body,” Tim said. She wasn’t sure if Tim was being deliberately evasive or if he was choosing his words carefully. It was like he was lying, but why would he have told her in the first place if he was going to lie about it? She shook her head in confusion.

“How do you know? I thought she only gave you a blow job.”

Tim sighed. She could almost hear him thinking, Women! “Yes she did, Kat, but we did have a few drinks together, and I did look at her. Look that’s all I remember. I had enough to drink to take a cab home. It’s your turn.”

The wine made her feel quite mellow, and she poured herself another glass of wine. She needed time to think about how she felt about all of this. She took a deep breath and said, “I’m not sure I’m in the mood for this, Tim. I think it would be better another time.”

“Well, I don’t, Kat. I think it’s important that we work through this, so if you don’t want to tell me about your time with Connor, talk to me about how you’re feeling.”

“That’s just it, Tim, I don’t know how I’m feeling. Part of me is hurt, part of me is jealous, part of me wants to rip your balls off, part of me wants to kill her and part of me understands how you must have felt when I told you about Connor. Although, to be honest, I’m not letting that part speak to me right now.” She smiled, just a tiny one, but a smile nonetheless.

“I know exactly how you’re feeling,” Tim said. His smile was almost a grin. “Look, this is all new for both of us, but I believe strongly that it’s like you always say: If we’re honest about our feelings and keep the lines of communication open, we can grow through this together.”

“Oh sure, bring that up now,” she said.

“Come sit beside me and tell me about your evening. After that, why don’t your order some food while I get out of these clothes?”

Katherine’s eyebrows shot toward the ceiling, and she opened her mouth to protest.

“No, no,” he said, “you’ve got me all wrong. I don’t want to make love right now, but I do want to be close to you. Please.” The last word was almost a whisper, and Kaherine knew how difficult it was for him to ask this. Tim rarely expressed his emotions and the vulnerability radiating from his eyes penetrated a soft place she thought had disappeared a long time ago.

Without another word, she went over to him and snuggled under his arm. For a time, they sat sipping wine and feeling comfort in the warmth passing between them.

“Believe it or not, I thought about you a lot tonight,” she said. “About how you’d love to see the richness of Connor’s suite and the InterContinental hotel — that’s where we were. And I pretended you were watching me, and that helped me relax. When it was over, all I wanted to do is get home to be with you.”

 Did you enjoy the sex?”

“Yes, but that’s all it was, raw animal sex. Physically fulfilling certainly, but that’s it. I feel a very different sense of release with you. Remember my itch analogy? Well, it’s still like that. When the itch is there, you can’t think of anything else until you’ve scratched it. Once it’s gone, you don’t give it another thought. I just wish there was some way to have the best of both worlds with you.”

“Maybe there is,” he said.

She turned in his arms to look at him. “What do you mean? What are you thinking?”

He laughed. “Don’t sound so eager. I don’t know yet. Let me think on it. I’ll let you know if I come up with anything. Now tell me about Connor.”

She nestled back in his arms and told him about the evening. He seemed curious about her feelings around being bound and blindfolded, and she did her best to explain 

“Thanks for being so open with me,” he said. “Do you want to hear about my evening now?”

“Yes! No! I mean, I don’t know! Even thought I think there’s more to your story, it’s too fresh for me, Tim. Maybe another time.” Like in ten years or so. “Give me a little time to get used to this.”

Okay.” He gently moved her and got up from the couch. “I think that’s enough for tonight anyway. Let’s just relax, okay? We can do the ‘tell all’ when you’re ready. I do love you, Katherine, more than life itself. You know that, don’t you?”

“Yes, I do, Tim. And I love you — most.”

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Scorpio Awakens Ch. 8: Tim – Erotica

Source: Darksan9elI looked around the amazing room. From what I could see, everything about it was opulent from the vaulted ceilings to the cork flooring. Oak wainscotting was the perfect complement to what looked like alternating panels of a rich silken blue material. The dim lighting left much of the room in shadow, and what light there was seemed to concentrate on the den. It sat in blackness, and I wondered what was happening on the other side of that wall. Was Katherine already there? Had they already started?

“Will it be long before they start?”

“It will be a few minutes,” Liz said, “so you might as well make yourself comfortable. Help yourself to something to eat. May I pour you a drink?”

“What do you have?” I asked.

Liz smiled and her very white and perfectly even teeth peeked through her rosebud lips. I caught a hint of a very exotic scent as my eyes strayed from her face to the open robe. I felt a stirring in my loins and shook my head hoping to come to my senses. Never, since I’d committed to Katherine, had I even been tempted by another woman. Sure, I was a normal, red-blooded male and an attractive woman might catch my eye, but that was the extent of it. Katherine satisfied my every need; I had no reason to look elsewhere. And now I was faced with this incredible-looking woman who seemed to seep sexuality from her very pores. I didn’t even like Elizabeth Taylor, and I was getting a hard on.

“No drink first?” she asked, outright grinning at me now.

“Um, no, I mean, that’s not what I meant.” I shook his head again feeling like some kind of marionette. “What have you got?”

“Anything you like.” I swallowed hard as I felt another twitch in my pants, and the action hadn’t started yet. It was going to be a long night.

“Rum and coke, please.”

“Light, dark or amber? Ice?” Liz started toward a cabinet that stood against the far wall and took down two glasses. I watched the sway of what looked like curvaceous buttocks peeking from underneath the robe. She turned back and looked at me when I didn’t respond.

“Amber with ice.”

She smiled at me again. “You might as well make yourself comfortable. May I suggest that chair?” She pointed to an overstuffed recliner sitting off to one side of the closet. “It will give you a good view of the bed.” She mixed our drinks – hers looked like some kind of fancy martini – and brought mine over to me. I took it from her outstreched arm and slowly sat back in the arm chair. Liz sat in a chair off to one side that I hadn’t noticed when I arrived. It looked like some kind of lounger. She lay back on it, her gown gaping open at the front. Feeling a little guilty at the answering report from Big Hugh, I studiously turned my attention back to the inner room and took another gulp of my drink.

Tim, my lad, you’d better watch it or you’ll be stone drunk before you know it. I took a deep breath and concentrated on slowing my breathing. Just when I had it under control, a light shone through a crack in the wall in front of me, and I realized the curtain on one of the windows had opened revealing Connor looking straight at me wearing nothing but a pair of briefs. I took a quick look at his excellent muscle definition and downed more of the drink. Liz replenished the drink.

“He can’t see you,” Liz said. “He’s looking into the mirror on the other side.”

I relaxed a fraction and turned my attention to the low queen-sized bed sitting in the middle of the floor of the small room. Katherine lay on her back, her arms and legs stretched as far as they would go. Some sort of band surrounded each wrists that were attached to a chain that seemed connected to some sort of bolt at the head of the bed. She was blindfolded, and her large beautiful nipples stood rigid reminding me of those small red licorice candies just waiting to be sucked and nibbled.

Connor walked over and took hold of both of Katherine’s ankles, spreading her legs wide before moving to the side of the bed. I stared directly into my wife’s already wet lips, her clit matched her nipples as it begged for attention. My pants felt uncomfortably tight, and I wriggled in the chair seeking a more comfortable position.

So far, so good. I haven’t lost it yet. Actually I found I was more excited and intrigued than threatened. Maybe that was the booze talking. I watched Connor pick something up from a small side table that was the only other furniture in the den. He turned and held a long white feather up to the light before sitting on the side of the bed, his back toward us, and leaning over Katherine. It looked like he said something to her, and after a moment, she nodded her head.

“How come we can’t hear anything?” I asked.

“Because Connor hasn’t turned the sound system on. Sometimes he likes to watch with sound, sometimes without.,” Liz said.

“Well, I’d like to hear what’s going on.”

“I’m sure he’ll turn it on if and when he’s ready. I’m not sure what his plan is for tonight. I only know my instructions.”

“Which are?”

“To take good care of you and give you anything you need.”

I took another drink and started to ask what she meant by ‘give’ me anything instead of ‘get’ me anything, but my gaze was drawn back to the window. Katherine was squirming as Connor drew the feather from neck to groin and back again, pausing only to circle each nipple and brush her erect clit. Her lips pressed tightly together, she shook her head violently from side to side every few minutes. I knew this body language from our own love making. Had Connor told her to be quiet? Did he know all of her sexual secrets?

My erection grew, and I stood to take the pressure off. I needed a washroom, loath as I was to leave the action. I looked around the room again wondering where it was.

“It’s through that door,” Liz said pointing to a door I hadn’t noticed. What the hell? It’s like she can read my mind. “There’s a robe in there waiting for you. You’ll feel much more comfortable in it.”

Damn that Connor. He thought of everything. I closed the door, turned on the tap and splashed cold water over my face. Damn Big Hugh too. I had a tremedous urge to masterbate, but resisted it. I’d miss too much of what I’d come here to see. After wriggling out of my jeans and boxer briefs, I donned the thick cotton robe hanging from a hook on the back of the door. I returned to find Connor sitting facing the window stroking Katherine’s glistening cunt with his index finger, a slight smile accenting his raw sexuality. As if on cue, he knelt between her legs and licked the juices running down her thighs. I barely noticed as Liz walked over and stood quietly by my side.

Every fiber of my being focused on what was happening in the small room. I watched Katherine writhe under Connor’s ministrations and could feel the moans I couldn’t hear radiate through my being pushing my already engorged penis to the point of pain. When Katherine arched in the rigid movement that signalled the onset of her orgasm, I arched back and grabbed the arms of the chair barely aware of the low moan that escaped my tortured throat.

I almost screamed when I felt the warm wet mouth slide down the length of my shaft. For a fleeting second, I was aware of a jumble of thoughts tumbling through my mind, but I was far beyond latching on to any one of them. Liz slid her lips up toward the tip of my cock running her tongue along the sensitive underside before swirling it around Hugh’s purple head, and he became an entity onto himself. As he tensed ready to explode, she wrapped her thumb and index finger tightly around the base making a breathy noise that simultaneously sounded like she was telling Hugh to shush and felt like she was blowing warm air to soothe his aching glans. She slowly slid the tip of her tongue up and down his shaft until my ragged breathing slowed before burying him in her mouth once again. She alternated between a slow, languid rhythm and short, tight contractions of her mouth as she worked her way around my cock in a way I’d never experienced before. Her masterful technique made up for the lack of eagerness and hunger that Katherine showed when sucking my cock. I thought my cock would burst it was so engorged.

I watched her beautifully-formed lips work with the grace of a ballet dancer and groaned as I felt my testicles constrict once again. She stopped, waited a few beats for Hugh to settle then went back to doing the dance of the sugar plum fairies. She swirled her tongue around the entire surface, then took gentle nips with her teeth along the underside. Soft and slow, nice and easy. Soft and slow, nice and easy. Each time my breathing slowed, she devoured Big Hugh. Hard and fast, moist and firm. When the mood struck her, she played him with her fingers up and down and around in a magical way that reminded me of a fairy coaxing flowers open with the lilt of her flute.  In the back of my mind I felt a thought flicker before it drifted away – certainly my heart couldn’t take the strain. Soft and slow, nice and easy. Fingers running a scale up a flute. Hard and fast, moist and firm.

Without warning, she picked up the pace, her mouth suctioning my cock in a rhythm that continued to gain speed. My testicles felt like some sort of constrictive device had cut off the flow making it impossible to come.  There was nothing in my world except the pumping of my heart, the tingling of my nerves and the pain in my cock as I strained and begged for release. I was vaguely aware of a great scream coming from somewhere. I arched backward, my pelvis thrust forward, every muscle taut. And I came, and came, and came, muscles contracting and sensation bringing every nerve alive. Sweat poured off me as I collapsed back into the chair. I panted and panted, lungs reaching for air like a swimmer who finally breaks the surface of a crystal clear lake after staying submerged those few minutes too long.

When rational thought finally returned, I opened my eyes, suddenly aware of the emptiness of the room. I looked at the den only to find the curtains drawn; not even a sliver of light shone through. A quick circuit of the room proved I was alone. I sat there stunned as coherent thought slowly returned. What have you done. You fool, Tim. Now you’ve done it. You’ve betrayed Katherine’s trust. You idiot! Now there’s no turning back.

Should I try to find Connor? I decided against it. Suddenly ravenous, I filled a plate and took my time sampling the gourmet fare letting my mind skip randomly through a string of complex thoughts, refusing to study the quagmire that had suddenly become my life. I took a liesurely shower, dressed and left. Time to go home to Katherine. At least I hoped I’d get home to a waiting Katherine….


As soon as she heard the shower, Liz slipped back into the room and lifted Tim’s jacket from the back of his chair. She checked each pocket until she found his cell phone and slid it out. Listening carefully to be sure that Tim wouldn’t surprise her, she scrolled through the recent text messages on the Blackberry. Sure enough, the third one was “Kat’s,” and she smiled in triumph. After a quick furtive glance at the bathroom door, she fixed her attention on the tiny screen and tapped out a message.

Kitty Kat - Who was Tim with while you were fucking – what's his name – oh yes, Connor?


Liz sent the text and smiled in triumph as she put the phone back in Tim’s breast pocket. That bitch had almost ruined things for her once before, and she’s make damned sure that it didn’t happen again.

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SCORPIO AWAKENS Snippet #4 – Tim

Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

“Katherine and I were lovers for a couple of years during university,” Connor said. “We became very good friends, so I guess you could say I love her as a friend.”

A couple of years? She’d told me about several guys she’d been with in university, but none of them had sounded serious.

“I flirted with the idea getting together, but by that time you two were living together, and it was clear that she loved you,” Connor continued. “Katherine always was wise beyond her years in some ways even then. Once she realized the attraction to me was purely sexual, she sent me packing.”

I took another gulp of my drink. Was this the truth? Or had she been sleeping with him all along?

“So you been screwing her all this time? Is that what you’re telling me?” I felt my throat close over the words, but kept my gaze steadily on his. I refused to let him see how upset I was getting.

“No, not at all. We ran into each other a month or so ago at a conference, and that’s the first time we’d seen each other since second year university.”

I thought I could see compassion with a touch of humor in his eyes. Damn him!  It was a difficult realization that I was actually starting to like him. We took another pause to nibble and let Stewart refresh our drinks.

“Well we’re here to discuss my proposal,” I said , “not to rehash ancient history. First let me apologize if I get into too much detail about the terms of my proposal. We academics can get carried away sometimes.”

“Go ahead; I’m intrigued. So, what’s the proposal?”

“Katherine seems to feel that she’ll need to see you from time to time to explore this dominance thing you two have happening. The only way I can let that go on is if I’m involved somehow.”

Connor’s eyebrow shot toward the ceiling, but he stayed silent.

“I’m a bit of a voyeur; it’s just something that interests me. Truth be told, I’ve always fantasized about seeing Katherine with someone else. I’m thinking that somehow I could be involved and see that happen.”

“I’m a lot of a voyeur,” Connor said, “and I’ve always dreamed of seeing someone fuck my wife, and I’m not certain how I’d handle it. I’ve just met you and already I have my doubts, Tim.  Reality is not the same at all as fantasy.”

“Well you’re not me, are you. What I do know is that Katherine will walk away from you if I give the word, and the only way I can allow this to continue is if I’m a part of it somehow.”

Connor took a sip of what looked like scotch on the rocks while never taking his eyes off of me.

“I’m not into men,” he said coldly, “so you’ll have to make that little fantasy come true with someone else.”

“I’m not into men either, not even a little. This isn’t about me, it’s about Katherine.”

“Is Katherine aware of what you’re asking?”

“No, and I’ll be the one to tell her in my own good time.”

Connor took another drink and said nothing. Although it was probably only a couple of minutes, it felt more like ten. I ate some more of the appetizer to keep from squirming under his steady gaze while he calmly took another drink.

When I couldn’t stand it anymore I said, “Well?”

“Maybe. Let me give it some thought and get back to you. What’s your cell number?”

“I’m from the old school and I don’t really use my cell. It’s best to get a hold of me at the office.”

I took out one of my business cards and slid it across the table to him. As if by magic, Stewart materialized with the bill and handed it to Connor. I started to take out my wallet, but Connor gestured for me to put it away. He signed the chit and stood with his hand outstretched.

“It was nice meeting you, Tim. I’ll be in touch.” And with that he walked away.

Unexpectedly, I had a hard on, and not just of the semi-erect variety. I was almost rupturing the zipper of my jeans, and it was damned painful. As much as I tried to reflect on the conversation with Connor, my next coherent thought was my recognition that I was imagining Katherine writhing under Connor as he rode her hard and slow. I wanted her, and I wanted her badly. To hell with the rest of it; we’d figure it out.

If you were Connor, would you accept the proposal?


SCORPIO AWAKENS Snippet #3 – Tim

Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

“Where would you like me to begin?” she asked.

“How about with his name,” I snapped. I surprised myself with the vehemence in my voice, but I had bigger issues to worry about. Would she break our vow of honesty and lie to me? Would she try to hide the truth? I felt my eyes burn into hers as I watched her face for any sign of deception.


“Do you love him?”

“No,” she said and I felt myself relax just a titch.

“Are you having an affair with him?”

“What do you mean by that?”

“You’re being deliberately obtuse, Katherine, and I haven’t the patience for it.”

Her eyes widened at my tone, but she continued to return my gaze without flinching. Knowing her as well as I did, I was sure that her nerves were so bad she felt ready to vomit. I hardened my resolve not to feel for her.

“No, Tim, I’m not being deliberately obtuse, Tim,” she said pronouncing every word. “I just want to give you the answers you need, and I’m not sure what you’re asking me. If you mean am I emotionally involved with him, then the answer is no. If you’re asking if I’ll have sex with him again, then the answer is probably; that is if you can deal with it.”

“If I can deal with it?” Sarcasm dripped off of my tongue. “Deal with it?”

She said nothing. I took a deep breath. This was not going the way I’d imagined.

“Okay; sorry,” I said. “Kat, I thought our sex was the best you’d ever had. I thought you were happy and satisfied with me. Has it all been a lie?”

“No, Tim, no.” Her voice was gentle and full of love. I watched her eyes fill with tears and could imagine the pain she felt knowing she was hurting me.

“No,” she said again, “it’s not that at all. I don’t even know for sure myself, but I’ll try to explain it. I love you and only you. I’m completely satisfied with our love-making. I didn’t go looking for this, Tim; it just happened. I’m trying to figure it out myself. I think that what it is is that occasionally, very occasionally, I get this itch for a certain kind of sex that you can’t completely satisfy because you love me.”


“Give me a break here, Tim. If you want to hear how I feel, then give me a chance to explain, okay?”

I stared at her for a beat, then said, “Okay, continue. What itch?”

“Okay, here goes.” She took a deep breath. “You know how a couple of years ago we started to experiment with dominance with me in the submissive role. I told you how much I liked it and that I wanted to try more, and we’ve had some great sessions. And after each one, I’ve wanted more.”

“More what?” I asked.

“That’s what gets hard to explain,” she said. “More force. To be controlled without being humiliated. Just more. Part of it is an attitude thing, I think, and I’ve discovered that you probably can’t be the one to fill this need because you love me. Connor doesn’t love me, and he’s all about dominance and control. When we were done, I felt like that itch had been scratched, and I think I want to see how far this will go. But I’ll stop now if you say so.”

“Is he married?”

“Yes, very. And he loves his wife, but she can’t give him what he needs in this way either. And we’ve agreed that is all we are willing to share about our lives. This really is about the sex, Tim.”

“How often do you want to see him?”

“I don’t know. Not often.”

“If we decide to go ahead with this, will you tell me when you’re meeting him?”

“If you really want to know, I will.”

I took a moment to think. I’d always fantasized about seeing her with another man, and in one way the thought of hearing about it excited me. On another level, however, I felt too emotionally fragile at the moment to hear the details. Maybe another time.

Katherine sipped her coffee and waited. I could feel the tension and worry radiating from her.

“Okay, here’s the deal,” I said. “I need to meet him.”

“Meet him. You can’t be serious.” Now this sounded more like the Katherine I knew and loved.

“I’m dead serious. I want to see what I think for myself.”

“I don’t think seeing us together will –”

“I didn’t say I wanted the three of us to get together. I said I want to meet him. Alone. Just the two of us.”

“But –”

“This is not negotiable, Cat. If there’s any hope of us getting past this, I need to do this. Don’t worry. You can let him know that I’’m not interested in any kind of sordid confrontation. I just need to take his measure and satisfy myself that he’s not in love with you. So may I please have his phone number?”

“But I told you, Tim –”

“This is not negotiable, Katherine. Are you going to give me the number or do we take this discussion to another level?”

“Okay. I’ll get it for you.”

As she left to get the number, I wasn’t sure that I was doing the right thing, but time would tell. Time would most certainly tell.



SCORPIO AWAKENS Snipper #2 – Connor

Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

As the week drew to a close, Connor realized the the anxiety he was trying so hard to ignore was his fear of never being with Kathering again. He couldn’t and wouldn’t allow this to happen.

He ordered a dinner with all of her favourite foods. She preferred to eat in the suite where they were assured privacy. As she grew confident with him, she grew bolder. Once, she had arrived wearing only a coat, and as he closed the door, she had spread the coat on the floor in front of the fireplace, lay down and spread her legs for him. Dinner was cold by the time she was ready to eat, and he laughed as she tore into her steak too ravenous to wait for him to warm it up.

They chatted about inane things as they ate, and he waited until he was sure she was relaxed and eager. As she got up to head for the bedroom, he stopped her.

“Just a minute, Kat, I have something I want to talk with you about.”

“Okay, let’s talk in bed,” she said, smiling. He almost caved at that moment; perhaps they could wait.

“Let’s sit here on the couch and enjoy another glass of wine while we talk,” he said.

She hesitated, frowned a little and gazed at him with those bottomless brown eyes that were almost black with desire, then she complied.

“Okay, what’s up?” she asked when they were seated and he’d refilled their glasses.

“I would like to take our relationship to the next level,” he said.

The frown returned, deeper this time, and he felt a moment of hesitation.

“Relationship? Connor I thought I was very clear that although I value our friendship, I will never allow anything to come between me and my husband. I love him and he fulfills needs in me you never can.”

Damn, she mistakes me. I’m losing her…..

“Here me out, please, Kat.  This has to do with our sexual relationship.”

She seemed to relax a bit and sank back on the couch.

“I’m listening,” she said.

“I think you’ll admit that we’ve discovered a rare compatibility in our sex. I like to dominate, and you like to be dominated. Is that an accurate statement?”

“Yeeeesssss,” she said. “So?”

She isn’t making this easy. Of course, she never does. He wasn’t sure if he really like this facet of her personality, yet the implicit challenge appealed to his competitive nature.

“Well, I’d like to take things to the next level,” Connor said.

“But –“

“Just hear me out, okay. I want to play a serious game where I am the Master and you are my sexual slave. In this game, you will do what I want, when I want, how I want, no questions asked. You can stop playing the game at any time you are no longer willing, and that will be the end of our relationship – yes, I said relationship. Or, you can submit to my will and see where this will take us. I promise I will never do anything that will cause you any real pain, and you can still use our code words, although I may choose not to listen.”

He watched her carefully as he outlined his plan. At that point, he saw her wince, but he was gratified to see real interest in her expression.

“The game may also involve you submitting to other people of my choosing. Again, at any time, you may choose not to play, but that will be the end of our relationship.”

“You’re not leaving me with much choice here,” she said. Her expression was inscrutable, and he couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

“You have complete choice; you can end the game at any time. I think we both thought this wouldn’t continue after this week; however, I’m ready to take things to the next level. Or we can say our goodbyes and move on….”

And the game was on….

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SCORPIO AWAKENS Snippet #1 – Katherine

Disclaimer: May be edited or deleted prior to publication.

Now, there he was at the bar ordering a drink. She tried to keep the intensity from her gaze so as not to attract his attention. A very attractive blonde approached him, stood on tiptoes and whispered in his ear. His smile was a mixture of humour and cynicism, but he bent to listen. His reply made the blonde tip back her head and toss her hair. She said something else to him, and he shook his head. Katherine almost heard the “hmph” Blondie said before she flounced off. He looked down at his drink, smiled to himself, then he slowly scanned the room. She quickly looked down at her table and tried to sink further into the darkness of her corner booth.

She signalled the waiter and ordered another “tea”, intentionally oblivious to the effect that the blend of triple sec, light rum, gin, vodka and tequila was having on her. As she reached for her wallet to pay for the drink, the server said, “It’s already taken care of.”

“By whom?”

“By me. May I?” Connor gestured toward the chair opposite her.

“I guess so,” she said and took another mouthful of her drink.  She blushed at her inability to ever think of something witty or clever to say. Try as she might, wit with her always made an after-the-fact appearance.

“It’s been a while.” She could have kicked herself. Connor held her eyes for a long moment and smiled.

“Yes. Yes it has.” He easily led her into conversation about the music she liked, hobbies, and what she’d been doing over the past two decades. After what seemed like a short time, she looked at her watch and gasped.

“Oh my god; I’ve got to go. I’m giving a presentation in the morning.”

As they got up to leave, she stumbled and realized she was drunker than she thought.

He must be too. He matched me drink for drink.