The Geekery Book Review of Scorpio Awakens

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5-Star Raving Fan Amazon Review

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Another Scorpio Awakens 4-Star Review

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A Great Marketing Tool for Writers

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5 Sex Secrets He’d Die From If You Found Out

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Whoo Hoo – another 5-star review!

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Save Your Marriage – Revive Romance and Passion with this Simple Trick

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“Holy Wow!” 5-Star Scorpio Awakens Raving Fan Review

I'm happy to share a 5-star review of Scorpio Awakens with you. If I needed incentive to work on Book 2 (which I don't), this would certainly give it to me. I love hearing your feedback - thank you, Danielle! May romance be with you! ~Lilith~ … [Continue reading]

“Thanks for a crazy, erotic story” – a Scorpio Awakens review

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Scorpio Awakens – The Big Day!

Hello Readers - As of this morning, the "Scorpio Awakens" ebook is available for purchase on Here's how you can help me spread the word: Share this post with all of your adult female friends! Click on this link and read the book … [Continue reading]