Celebrating a 5-Star Raving Canadian Fan Review

raving fan5.0 out of 5 stars Sensual Dreamland Mar 24 2013
By Lola
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I think this (Scorpio Awakens by Lilith Darville) is my first ebook. I love books but space is becoming an issue. It was an experiment. No steamy cover lying around the house is kind of a bonus. I found it an escape to a sensual dreamland – I like the charachters I can really relate to as they draw me into the story totally, and the ones that are dreamy, part of the fantasy. The story is fun…the suspense makes me turn the page to discover what happens, and not just skip to the next steamy bit!! Great read to simply enjoy and get into an erotic headspace – which is what I want from a novel like this and my erotic headspace is not that easy to fire up – better be a bit spicy – and the sex scenes are great. I need this kind of exiting relaxation in my life. Looking forward to more!! Think I will buy a hard copy for an friend who is also likes this kind of fiction and introduce her – imagine some of these limited prints especially if you get a whole series might be worth something some day.
Thank you, Lola – May romance be with you!

Another Scorpio Awakens 4-Star Review

raving fan

4-star review

I appreciate the feedback!

~ Lilith ~

Whoo Hoo – another 5-star review!

Annette Review

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“Holy Wow!” 5-Star Scorpio Awakens Raving Fan Review

raving fanI’m happy to share a 5-star review of Scorpio Awakens with you. If I needed incentive to work on Book 2 (which I don’t), this would certainly give it to me. I love hearing your feedback – thank you, Danielle!

May romance be with you!


Amazon Review


“Thanks for a crazy, erotic story” – a Scorpio Awakens review

raving fanI’m delighted to share a comment I received today from a Goodreads reader. Kimberley wrote:

“Read it!! LOVED it!!!! Pissed I have to wait for the NEXT book! but Ive been a grouchy bitch lately about waiting lol……will definitely read the next one! Thanks for a crazy, erotic story :)”

I look forward to reading your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads or any of your other ebook formats.

Without further ado, I’d better get back to working on “Scorpio Begins” – the story of Connor and his tumultuous romance with Meredith.

May romance be with you!

~ Lilith ~


Scorpio Awakens – The Big Day!

ScorpioAwakensCover-socialmediaHello Readers – As of this morning, the “Scorpio Awakens” ebook is available for purchase on Amazon.com. Here’s how you can help me spread the word:

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May romance be with you!

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