My Website Is Live!

GirlWritingHello Readers – I hope this post finds you all well and thriving! I have exciting news to report – where to begin?!

Let’s start with my new website. I’m happy to announce that my new site, designed by the talented Tiku Fisher (remember him? He designed the Scorpio Awakens cover), is live. Now I have a home for my snippets and hope you’ll check for them regularly. Of course, I’ll still post about them on Facebook and Twitter. To find them on the website, simply click the My Bookshelf tab and choose the Scorpio Begins option.

So now I’ll be able to use this blog for more of what blogs are designed for – sharing personal news and views with you about my journey as a person and a writer. What would you like to hear about?

So, what else is new? I’m three-quarters of the way through the first draft of Scorpio Begins. I’m really enjoying crafting this story as much, if not more, as Scorpio Awakens. I’m happy to report that hubby Neil has turned out to be a damned fine editor and is an excellent champion of your needs as my readers. Stay tuned for more snippets….

This year, I joined the Romance Writers of America association and became a member of their Toronto Romance Writers branch. I’m very excited to be attending my first TRW meeting tomorrow, when I’ll be participating in a workshop with New York Times best-selling author, Bob Mayer. Bob will be teaching us about writing the novel, beginning with the original idea and core conflict, developing plot and character, working with point of view, and pulling everything together selling your book and the business of writing. How exciting is that!

That pretty well covers my news. Be well and, of course, Feed Your Fantasies!

 ~ Lilith ~