Scorpio Awakens Chapter 11 Snippet – Tim

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“I was wondering how you felt about the other night. How did you find it? From the sounds of what Cecile told me, you found it exciting.” Connor sat back in his chair and swirled the amber liquid around in the glass he held. His grey-green eyes never left mine; eyes that held no judgement, only curiosity. I felt myself relax.“I found it exciting and terrifying. It opened a whole host of feelings that I didn’t know I had. But most of all, it made me realize that I want to be the one Katherine completely surrenders to. And I need to be part of her training to be a submissive.”

Both of Connor’s eyebrows shot straight to the ceiling. He took a swig of his drink.

“Well this is a surprise. That’s exactly what I was going to talk to you about. So how would you do that? Connor asked.

I took a deep breath. “I want you to train me to be a – what do you call it – a dom.” I felt a slight flush of heat warm my face, but Connor’s steady gaze put me at ease. For some strange reason I felt I could confide in this man.

“And what does that look like, exactly?”

“I’m not entirely sure, but I do know that Katherine needs to know that I’m involved. I can’t really explain how deeply I love her or how committed I am to knowing and understanding her. Watching her with you made me realize that Kat could never fully submit herself to you body and soul. It’s something I know for sure at the core of my being. So she’ll still have this need, this ‘itch’ as she calls it. And she won’t ask me to be something I’m not, and although I talk a good story about being in control sexually, I’ve held back. And I’m babbling as Kat would say.” I took a large mouthful of my rum and coke.

“Actually, having you involved were my sentiments exactly, although I’m not quite sure how that will happen. Training you as a dominant, dom as you say, is an intriguing thought. But you need to think about this very hard; we’ll all need to think about this very hard. Once you’ve gone down this path, there’s no turning back, Tim. Are you sure you want to run the risk of sex play ruining your marriage?”

“I want some time to think about it, and I want to talk with Kat about it. I’m going to take her away for a few days so we can focus on each other without distraction and talk this out. But first, I need to know if you’re willing to teach me to be a dom.”

“You mean while I’m training Katherine to be a submissive? Actually, that’s a misnomer, all I’m doing is bringing Kath’s repressed urges to the surface so she acknowledges them, but that’s splitting hairs. I’m willing to give it some thought. What makes you think you’re up for this?”

“You mean besides my love for Katherine and my ongoing commitment to self-exploration? Well, I guess it probably has something to do with the school of philosophical thought I come from. As a stoic, I believe that the key to happiness is to understand there are two things you can’t control and to embrace the things you can control. You can’t control other people and they way they behave nor can you control the world around you. You can control your own attitudes and perceptions.”


Katherine interrupted my ruminations by slipping her arms around my waist and hugging me from behind. I turned in her arms and brushed her lips with mine before slipping out of her embrace to pour her a glass of the wine I had decanted. Together we watched the sun slipping into the ocean as it made the journey that turned day into a dusk full of secrets to reveal. The breeze brought the combined scents of island flora and ocean saltiness while it ruffle the white gauzy material of Katherine’s long dress revealing her the full bloom of her slender body. Katherine turned toward me, and the intensity of her gaze tightened my groin. How I loved the way she communicated her need, her body radiating heat and the black streaks in her eyes glowing like coal embers alive with her desire. I bent down and kissed her lips enjoying the way she played my lips with her tongue. I could never quite get over her passion for the feel of my lips; she loved the shape and feel of them and often whispered that I had the sexiest lips alive.

Her message spoke directly to Big Hugh, and he responded in kind. Plans be damned. Without a word, I took her by the hand and led her inside the luxurious accommodations. Choosing a wide chaise lounge that seemed made for the purpose, I lay back letting the soft linen of my open shirt drape my chest. The warm sea breeze drifted through the sheers cloaking us in a blanket of sensual warmth. Katherine’s breath caught as she stood looking at me, head tilted to one side unaware of the depth of the power she had over me. A small smile played over her lips. She swayed her hips just a little as if in time to some Latin music only she could hear while unbuttoning one button, then the next, then the next. I watched her unbutton each button of the long dress, bending at a slight angle as she reached the skirt giving me a vision of the curve of a full, firm buttock as it peeked through the curtain of fabric. She straightened and looked at me, widening the split edges of the dress just enough so that the swell of her breasts peeked through. Heat and desire coursed through me as I watched her large nipples harden and elongate as she channeled her passion in return. She stood as if waiting for my command, and I let her wait a beat while I got a grip on Big Hugh’s urgent requests for attention.

When I felt ready, I motioned her to me with my index finger. She swept the front of the dress wide open and in two strides sat straddled over me. Her small hands massaged my chest, alternately playing with my nipples and gently tugging my sparse chest hairs. The nub of her clitoris peeking through her swollen lips brought Hugh back to attention, and I slipped my finger into the well of her dripping wet cunt.

This glorious symbol of her womanhood became the canvas and my fingers the pencil as I sketched the outline of the rare orchid it reminded me of. When Kat started to moan and wriggle, I cupped her buttock with my left hand to hold her firm. For a few moments she would look at me intensely, and I knew she was begging me to make her come, but only when I’d finished the outline did I work on shading the nub. She closed her eyes and moaned, and I felt her buttocks tighten as what she called the quivers of pleasure shot through her. She looked at me again, her eyes black with need….

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Scorpio Awakens Chapter 10 Snippet – Connor

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 Once again, the gates stood open as he neared the estate. He pulled up in front and rang the doorbell. A look of appreciation lit Meredith’s face as those clear-blue eyes appraised him when she opened the door. A lean, muscular and absolutely stunning man replaced the adolescent boy she’d known. Connor had grown to his full height of five feet ten inches, and his body had the perfect proportions few were blessed with. This time it was Connor who gave her a wink that highlighted his gorgeous gray-green eyes.

“I’m back,” he said.

“It’s about time,” she said as she opened the door and gestured him inside.

They spent every moment that he wasn’t working together. They talked, slept, ate and fucked. He couldn’t get enough of her. That summer, she initiated him into the world of BDSM and released the hidden dominance she recognized in him. Meredith was a submissive, and she’d asked him to help her explore her hidden desires, desires that a former lover had awakened.

She told him about how she’d met the dominant who had recognized her need to submit and the gratitude she felt for this discovery. He told her about his dream of becoming a physician and his eagerness to start university in the fall. He asked how she got the job house sitting for the ‘old geezer’ Brett Sandvine. She laughed and said that Brett wasn’t all that old at 45, vaguely mentioning that she’d met him a long time ago. They shared their hopes and dreams along with their voracious sexual appetites. In between kissing, licking, sucking and fucking, they took long drives in the sports cars that Brett collected. Connor loved the way the custom-made Jaguar XJC convertible handled, and they spent hours tearing up the back country roads with the top down, wind rushing through their hair. Connor loved watching the way the breeze lifted Meredith’s thick brown curls. He thrived on her delighted laughter each time he took a curve a bit too fast or pushed the high-performance sports engine to the upper limits of its tremendous speed capacity. She loved fast cars and the men who had the balls to drive them the way they were built to be driven. He developed a fondness for the fine wines and gourmet food that abounded at the estate. But none of that mattered without Meredith. What had started as a school-boy crush blossomed into a full blown love for Connor, and although she hadn’t said it, he was sure Meredith felt the same way.

Connor was sure nothing could burst the bubble of their bliss. Certain Meredith was the one he was meant to spend his life with, he gave her some flimsy excuse – he couldn’t remember what it had been – for why he needed to borrow her MG so he could shop for a ring. He remembered her smile and the sound of her laughter as she wrapped herself around him and kissed him deeply. She told him to take all the time he needed; she was going to bike down to the public beach.

He was thrilled to find the perfect ring in the beach town of Bayfield and eager to get back to Meredith. He cranked up the volume on the tape deck and sang at the top of his lungs to his favourite Eagles tunes. He was convinced no one had written better songs, and the line “Oh sweet darlin’, you get the best of my love” said it all. Unsure of just how he was going to do it, but equally sure he’d propose that very night, Connor tossed around ideas as the miles sped by. He came back to reality with a jolt as he neared Kincardine and a cluster of cars and people ahead. He pulled to the side and walked over to see what was happening and offer his help if needed. As he neared he saw the crushed remains of a bicycle lying beside the mangled front end of a van. For a split second, his brain refused to process the sight of Meredith lying curled on her side on the pavement or hear the buzz of voices wondering what they should do. He strode forward pushing someone out of his way, knelt beside her and gathered her in his arms. She’s only fainted, that’s it, she’s passed out. She’ll come to in a minute. But her utter stillness and the trickle of blood oozing from the corner of her mouth told him differently. He cradled her in his arms and screamed and screamed and screamed without making a sound. He remained frozen with her until the emergency crew took her from him. Connor’s pain hardened into rage.

“Who did this?” The quiet intensity of his voice frightened the woman crouched beside him. She stood and pointed to a man sitting on the curb holding his head in his hands, rocking and making a mumbling sound. Connor stood and walked toward him intent on finding out what had happened. As he neared the smell of alcohol fumes overwhelmed him. The man’s mumbles became a chant: “It’s not my fault. I didn’t mean to.” Connor looked at him and felt the beginnings of the white-hot edge of a fury that threatened to consume him. He bent and whispered, “Even prison is too good for you. I’ll make sure you pay for this the rest of your miserable life.” As he walked away, he vowed he would never allow himself to feel this kind of pain again. Instead, he would do whatever it took to gain the power and control to crush the miserable excuse for a human being who had taken his Meredith from him.

Tormented by the pain of his loss, Connor shut down and walled off the world. For just over a week, the only action he took was that which kept him alive. At night, he lay on the bunk house bed and stared at the ceiling. His chest constricted and his heart tore, again and again and again. He stared at the unpainted planks that made up the far wall and saw nothing but his own tortured thoughts. When he couldn’t stand that any more, he moved to the picnic table bench in the tiny kitchen. He couldn’t function; at times he felt he couldn’t breathe. Each day, his emotions crawled a little closer to the room in the corner of his mind where he could lock them up and throw away the key. Meredith had been his one love. Connor would never allow himself to feel the kind of pain that came with the loss; it was just too raw, too hard. Life would never be the same for him. At the end of ten days, he emerged, unshaven, ragged and a little beaten down, but confident he would attain the wealth and power he needed to assure him complete control over all aspects of his life.


That bitch. Fucking Cecile. If she fucks this up for me, I’m going to kill her.

“You have my word that the only people who knew about our meeting was you and the woman you call Liz. Oh, and you said you’d told Tim, right?”

“Connor, if you’re trying to insinuate something here—”

“I’m not trying to insinuate anything, Kath. Give me some time to investigate this, okay?”

 “Well, if it wasn’t you, then it must have been Liz,” Katherine said. “But why would one of your subs play a trick that? And how would she know—”

“Katherine,” his tone took on a hard edge. “Leave it with me.”

“Okay, Connor, okay. Don’t get pissy with me. I’m sure you can understand why this is so upsetting.”

He softened his tone, “I do, and I’ll get to the bottom of this, I promise.”

Connor pushed his midnight grey Maserati far in excess of the speed limit as he drove home, his mind whirling with confusion. What would possess Cecile to start playing games at this late date? She’d been privy to many of his adventures before without repercussion. So why now?

He activated his hands free phone. “Call Cecile.” He waited impatiently for the call to connect.

“Connor.” She sounded happy to hear from him. “I wondered when you’d surface. Where have you been?”

“Cut the crap, Cecile. Meet me in my suite in an hour. I have something I want to discuss with you.”

“But, I’m in the middle of—”

“One hour,” he snapped and disconnected the call. He tapped the hands-free remote again. “Call Tim King work,” and listened to the disembodied voice saying: Calling Tim King work.

“Dr. King.”

“Tim, it’s Connor. I just got your message; and I agree, we need to meet. How soon are you available?”

“I’m due in a meeting in ten minutes that will last several hours. How about six o’clock at the Library Bar?”

 “That works for me. See you there,” Connor said and rang off.

 Cecile would pay for this….

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SCORPIO AWAKENS Snippet #4 – Tim

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“Katherine and I were lovers for a couple of years during university,” Connor said. “We became very good friends, so I guess you could say I love her as a friend.”

A couple of years? She’d told me about several guys she’d been with in university, but none of them had sounded serious.

“I flirted with the idea getting together, but by that time you two were living together, and it was clear that she loved you,” Connor continued. “Katherine always was wise beyond her years in some ways even then. Once she realized the attraction to me was purely sexual, she sent me packing.”

I took another gulp of my drink. Was this the truth? Or had she been sleeping with him all along?

“So you been screwing her all this time? Is that what you’re telling me?” I felt my throat close over the words, but kept my gaze steadily on his. I refused to let him see how upset I was getting.

“No, not at all. We ran into each other a month or so ago at a conference, and that’s the first time we’d seen each other since second year university.”

I thought I could see compassion with a touch of humor in his eyes. Damn him!  It was a difficult realization that I was actually starting to like him. We took another pause to nibble and let Stewart refresh our drinks.

“Well we’re here to discuss my proposal,” I said , “not to rehash ancient history. First let me apologize if I get into too much detail about the terms of my proposal. We academics can get carried away sometimes.”

“Go ahead; I’m intrigued. So, what’s the proposal?”

“Katherine seems to feel that she’ll need to see you from time to time to explore this dominance thing you two have happening. The only way I can let that go on is if I’m involved somehow.”

Connor’s eyebrow shot toward the ceiling, but he stayed silent.

“I’m a bit of a voyeur; it’s just something that interests me. Truth be told, I’ve always fantasized about seeing Katherine with someone else. I’m thinking that somehow I could be involved and see that happen.”

“I’m a lot of a voyeur,” Connor said, “and I’ve always dreamed of seeing someone fuck my wife, and I’m not certain how I’d handle it. I’ve just met you and already I have my doubts, Tim.  Reality is not the same at all as fantasy.”

“Well you’re not me, are you. What I do know is that Katherine will walk away from you if I give the word, and the only way I can allow this to continue is if I’m a part of it somehow.”

Connor took a sip of what looked like scotch on the rocks while never taking his eyes off of me.

“I’m not into men,” he said coldly, “so you’ll have to make that little fantasy come true with someone else.”

“I’m not into men either, not even a little. This isn’t about me, it’s about Katherine.”

“Is Katherine aware of what you’re asking?”

“No, and I’ll be the one to tell her in my own good time.”

Connor took another drink and said nothing. Although it was probably only a couple of minutes, it felt more like ten. I ate some more of the appetizer to keep from squirming under his steady gaze while he calmly took another drink.

When I couldn’t stand it anymore I said, “Well?”

“Maybe. Let me give it some thought and get back to you. What’s your cell number?”

“I’m from the old school and I don’t really use my cell. It’s best to get a hold of me at the office.”

I took out one of my business cards and slid it across the table to him. As if by magic, Stewart materialized with the bill and handed it to Connor. I started to take out my wallet, but Connor gestured for me to put it away. He signed the chit and stood with his hand outstretched.

“It was nice meeting you, Tim. I’ll be in touch.” And with that he walked away.

Unexpectedly, I had a hard on, and not just of the semi-erect variety. I was almost rupturing the zipper of my jeans, and it was damned painful. As much as I tried to reflect on the conversation with Connor, my next coherent thought was my recognition that I was imagining Katherine writhing under Connor as he rode her hard and slow. I wanted her, and I wanted her badly. To hell with the rest of it; we’d figure it out.

If you were Connor, would you accept the proposal?