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Neil and I stumbled across this cute and effective vibrator while shopping yesterday. It’s medical-grade silicone and slides over the clitoris and G-spot. Best of all, your man can comfortable slide his penis over it while it massages your G-spot. Of course, try it yourself first to get used to the different vibes and pulses using the – get this – wireless remote. Enjoy!

What are your favourite sex toys?


And I Wrote….

Neil is downstairs writing frantically as I post this – hooray. What fun! No doubt, Ewan will counter with something strong, masculine and oh so sexual. Double hooray! Here goes….

The realization that he had come to love Amber disturbed and confused him most of all.  He’d rarely cared one way or another about most of his conquests; they were a means to his domination fantasy ends.

From the start, Amber had been like the grain of sand aggravating his oyster. Would she be the making of his pearl? When they’d met, he’d attributed the pull she stirred deep in his loins to be a startling attraction to her youth and innocence. Now, even as he felt his feelings evolve, she seemed oblivious to his growing need for her. The depth of his feelings frightened him, causing him to draw his mask of indifference even tighter.

And just as suddenly, he remembered that the only complaint Amber had ever made was about his inability to show his feelings.  Of course, he was careful to explain that he had none to show.  It was all about the sex for him, or so he’d believed…. Now he could no longer escape his growing need to make her his.

Ewan decided they needed to take a break from daily life and isolate themselves from all distractions.

A kernel of an idea started, and Ewan dared not hope; but just maybe…..

“Any chance you can take a few days off?” Ewan asked. “I know you’re busy at work, but it would be great if we could get away for a few days.”

“That shouldn’t be a problem,” she said. “I negotiated time off when I started. What did you have in mind?”

“I’m not sure, but I have an idea. How soon can you get away?”

“I could take a few days off next week, but I don’t have time to plan anything, Ewan.”

“Not a problem. Just leave that to me. Seriously, Amber, just leave it to me. Plan on going somewhere warm. I’ll take care of all of the details. Just let me know the exact days you can get away.”

“How about a week from Thursday? I’ll take Thursday, Friday and Monday off. Will that be enough time?”

“Yes, that will do nicely,” Ewan said.

Ewan called a friend who had just returned from an exotic vacation at some secluded island resort and found out the name and location. A few mouse clicks later, and Ewan was on the site a five-star all-inclusive resort in the Bahamas. He not usually one for surfing the Web; however, his friend had loved their vacation in the rather secluded Great Exuma, so Ewan decided it was worth a try. The Butler Suites looked splendid; just what they needed to focus on each other and explore deeper layers of Amber’s psyche. A nagging voice kept whispering, You’d better be prepared to disclose your inner most thoughts, too; but Ewan chose to ignore it.

Being stinking rich had its advantages giving him the freedom to make the arrangements and take care of all the nitty gritty details that would ensure a smooth trip. Normally, planning and prepping for vacation was not something Ewan enjoyed; that’s why he had staff – hence, Amber’s shock when Ewan offered. However, Ewan found himself quite enjoying the process in happy anticipation of our time together.

They boarded the plane to the Bahamas on Thursday morning. Without prompting and much to my surprise, Amber chose to leave her smartphone at home. “I don’t want anything to detract from our time”, she’d said. “Besides, I need the break. It’s been quite the whirlwind with the job.”

The flight was uneventful. We alternated between watching in-flight movies and reading. Amber bought him an e-reader and loaded it with books knowing Ewan preferred the printed page, and he was touched by the gesture. She chose an MP3 player with recorded books as she’d become quite the fan of them when travel became an integral part of her job.

The resort had a shuttle waiting for us at the airport and whisked them away without further ado once they’d cleared customs. With each layer of clothing she shed, Amber seemed to lose a layer of the stress and tension that had emanated from her. As they settled into our seats for the ride to the resort, Ewan risked reaching for her hand and was relieved when she locked her fingers in his and snuggled against him.

The resort had a welcoming committee waiting for their arrival. Exceptional service was their trademark, and they checked them in with a complimentary glass of champagne and introduced them to the concierge and their personal butler. They dropped their luggage in the ocean-front suite – the view was breathtaking – changed into bathing suits and went for a walk along the beach in hopes of finding something to eat. A snack of conch fritters and crab cakes at a beachfront cafe took the edge off, and they continued their walk in the warm white sand. The air was alive with the sounds of the wildlife mixed in with the sharp odour of ripening fruit and the salty sea. Ewan kept the conversation light, and they enjoyed an afternoon frolicking in the ocean and exploring the resort.

Ewan took a quick shower and went to the front desk to explore dinner options while Amber took one of her long relaxing baths. Not even the tropical heat deterred her from the soothing warmth, and she had chuckled with delight when she found the bath salts and bubble bath waiting on the edge of the Jacuzzi tub.

Their personal butler hurried over as Ewan entered the lobby of the main house.

“Is here anything Ewan can do to help you, sir?” he asked.

“Yes, actually, there is. Thanks, um, what is your name?”

“It’s Michael, sir. How may I help?”

“First, you can call me Ewan,” Ewan said. “Sir makes me feel like an old man, okay?”

“You got it, Ewan. Now what may I do for you?”

“I’d like to arrange a private supper on our patio if that’s possible. Or would it be better to have it in the suite? Are there a lot of bugs here? My friend doesn’t like insects buzzing around while she’s eating.”

The patio is perfect for your dining convenience, Ewan, and I can certainly arrange supper for you.  Did you have something in particular in mind?”

“My friend, Amber, loves to try different foods, so I’d like to try a few of your island favourites along with some good old-fashioned steak and potatoes. Is that doable?”

“Certainly, sir; I mean, Ewan. You have your choice of cuisine from any of our restaurants. Let me get you a menu.” Michael walked over to a nearby desk and retrieved a folder that he handed to Ewan. “What time did you have in mind?”

“How about 7? Chef’s choice. Amber is very fond of Italian as well. Surprise us.”

“Will the wine in your suite suffice or would you like a bottle of something in particular?”

“I haven’t really checked out the wine in the suite. What a nice touch. Tonight is special for us. How about a couple of bottles of a good Amarone?”

“I’ll see that it’s done, Ewan. Enjoy your evening.”

Ewan headed back to the suite. He smiled at the sounds of Amber humming as she finished up her bathing routine. A jolt of electricity shot through his cock as Ewan imagined her massaging her compact body with the fragrant body lotion she loved. He quickly pushed the thought away; now was not the time for that. Ewan had other plans in mind for the evening. Ewan grabbed a glass of wine from the well-stocked bar and headed out to the patio to watch the setting sun.

Amber interrupted his ruminations by slipping her arms around his waist and hugging him from behind. Ewan turned in her arms and brushed her lips with his before slipping out of her embrace to pour her a glass of the wine he had decanted. Together they watched the sun slipping into the ocean as it made the journey that turned day into a dusk full of secrets to reveal. The breeze brought the combined scents of island flora and ocean saltiness while it ruffled the white gauzy material of Amber’s long skirt. The aroma of a finely cooked meal preceded the knock on the door of our suite, and Ewan crossed to answer it.

“Would you like me to set this up for you, sir?” the server asked as he pushed in a dining cart laden with covered dishes and linens.

“Certainly, go right ahead and set it up on the patio.”

We leaned against the rail sipping our wine and watched him set the table and decant the Amarone.

“More wine?” Amber asked. “Why Ewan, one would wonder if you’re trying to get me drunk tonight.” Her eyes sparkled and her smile teased as she stood on her toes to deliver a kiss. Ewan lightly brushed her lips then pulled back to look down at the pout he knew would be forming. She hated it when he resisted her amorous signals, especially when she wanted to “neck like a teenager” as she so quaintly put it.”

“Humph,” she said. “Not in the mood?”

“Maybe later,” Ewan said as he gently pushed her away. “Right now, let’s eat and talk.”

Her pout grew, but her pouts were playful. Amber was not the type to pout seriously. She was more inclined to rip him a new one if she was really unhappy with what he was doing. Not much like a submissive at all. Yet she seemed so capable of letting it all go during their sex.

The server finished laying a very elegant table complete with fine linens and a beautifully appointed floral centerpiece. He plugged in the warming tray holding a number of covered dishes from which an array of wonderful smells seeped. Without delay, they sat down and dug in. While eating, they chatted about their pleasure in the suite and surroundings taking note of the sounds of the night. Amber laughed with delight as the deep-throated croaking of the frogs mixed with the scuttle of the sand crabs underneath the deck and the harsh ‘chewk’ call of the mocking birds mingled with the trilling shrieks of the parrots.

Once they’d eaten more than their fill including a decadent bread pudding slathered in sweet cream and fresh coconut cake, they rolled our way over to the chaise lounge perched across the edge of the deck. By this time they were well into the first bottle of Amarone, and Ewan figured the mood was just about right to invite open and candid dialogue.

“Okay, babe, what’s on your mind?” Amber asked. Ewan smiled in recognition of her usual direct and intuitive nature.

“You know how you are to me –”

“And you to me,” she cut in.

“And to you. Now do let me get a sentence out without interrupting, Amber.” Ewan smiled at her to take the sting out of the words.


“I feel like our situation seems to be developing into a relationship, and I think we need to talk about where this is going,” Ewan said. Ewan took a sip of my wine and looked at her watching her intently.

After a beat, she said,, “And?”

“And, that’s it,” Ewan said. “I just thought we could explore the, how shall I describe it, uhmmm, the rules and where we’re heading.”

At that she laughed. “Trust you to be scientific about a sexual craving, Ewan; honestly. You do make me laugh.”

“Amber –”

“I know, I know. You’re serious and so am I, but you’ve got to see the humour in it, Ewan.” Ewan relaxed for a moment and smiled.

“Okay, yes, I do, but let’s stay on topic, okay, Amber?”

She curled her feet under her and stared at him intently.

“Let’s not right now, Ewan, I’ve got other ideas.”

“Like what?”

“What do you think?”

They didn’t speak for some time. They sat in quiet comfort sipping wine and enjoying the island night air. After a long while, she sighed.

She stood and walked to the patio rail looking out into the darkness, her long skirt gently swaying in the breeze. Ewan walked up behind her and wrapped her in his arms. After a beat, she nestled against him. He nuzzled her hair with his cheek and let her warm fragrance envelope him. Minutes passed before she turned in his arms, wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him deeply. Their love making was long and slow and deep. Eyes the colour of ebony gazed back at Ewan as she whispered his name again and again. Ewan whispered back, “Amber, my Amber.” They explored every inch of each other’s body as if for the first time. Ewan felt the moment of her surrender and knew she was his. He surrendered to her with equal abandon as their howls of joy drifted out with the ocean tide. They fell asleep naked and wrapped in each other’s arms.

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Then Neil Wrote…

A good question indeed! One that he never considered nor ever had to. Why would he? Other women always surrendered to him. It was never a question of what they might want. He knew most would see this as a selfish pursuit of his need to dominate and in part that was true. However, he never failed to leave them sexually satisfied. There was never a question that he required them to surrender themselves to him. That was always the intent of the relationship. They had the pleasure of a unique experience in giving themselves to him, and he required their submission which was everything to him. It was all so perfect. So why the nagging doubt with Amber? What made her so different?

It certainly wasn’t the fact that she was physically superior to any women he knew. Hell, that was a plus. She had never objected to her role as a submissive. In fact, she enthusiastically pursued the position. Therein lay the problem. She wouldn’t simply acquiese to satisfying his desire, which gave rise to the fact that she had her own agenda. Her self-assurance should be a good thing allowing for the ultimate challenge to assert his dominance. He looked forward to this, but he couldn’t be sure if it related to his need or hers.

He started questioning whether he had ever really known the dymnamic of a true submissive. perhaps he was too focused on his own need and not what truly defined the ultimate pleasuer of an S/D relationship? Was he so caught up in himslef that he missed the point of it all?

This bothered him greatly. The last thing he would accept in himself is that he was missing something of the very thing that defined, no, that dominated his sexuality. He tried to convince himself that he was being foolish, but the thought wouldn’t go away. It insidiously controlled his thoughts for days. The simple answer would be that his love for Katherine was clouding his thinking. Not true! In fact, this should only enhance the desire for their obsessive tastes in sexual fulfillment. When he remembered one of the last things she said, it him him like the proverbial brick.

“You really should try to enjoy my need to submit.”

At the time, it was only ‘her need’ again, and he’d casually passed it off as such. After all, it was his need to dominate that gave him pleasure. Of course, he required her submission as he always had with his prior conquests. But as a true submissive, Amber wanted to, no needed to lose all conscious control to reach her dark side.

Ewan began to realize that this was not easy for such a strong-willed woman. It wasn’t that she didn’t enjoy being a sexual submissive, but it was not enough. She needed to know that he took pleasure in watching her step over the constraints of simple pleeasure to a place where nothing mattered except her undeniable need for erotic freedom. A place where she was completely subservient to the expression of sexuality. A place where everything about her, everything done to her, was the only thing she lived for. No thoughts; no concerns; no rights, no wrongs, no good; no bad; no anything! In other words, a complete and total abandonment of self to become totally and utterly controlled by the addictive demands of carnal lust.

Ewan sat back in his chair and considered Amber’s needs. His initial reaction was excitement, but quickly grew into longing. He tried to imagine Amber’s transformation as she lost herself to her shameless acceptance of her deparvity. And he realized that it was not only about expressing his dominance or having others submit. It was what his dominance could wake in the true submissive that gave relevance to such a relationship.

If there was ever an example of being too close to the truth that you couldn’t see it, this was it. Ewan, who was comfortably confident in everything he did was shocked that he had missed the significance of this. Everything he though he knew was turned upside down.

“Oh my god,” he thought to himself. On the one hand and for thefirst time in his life, he doubted himself. On the other hand, he was as excited as a kid in a candy shop. the Ewan he once knew had become the cliche expression of his favourite Zeppelin song, “Dazed and Confused.”

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Then I Wrote…

But he had a nagging doubt that her surrender was to her fantasies and her own sexual need, and not to him. He had to make sure that her surrender was to him, for him.

Thoughts of Amber intruded at inopportune moments, and he was finding it more and more difficult to banish them. Random thoughts would pop into his head in the middle of intense negotiations with foreign dignitaries — the image of her lying beneath him, her arms pinned beneath his, her legs spread wide and hips arched up to receive his fiercest thrusts. His loins would tighten, and the increased pressure in his groin made him grateful for the invention of conference tables.

The curve of a server’s buttocks at last night’s state dinner brough Amber to mind with such force, Ewan actually had missed a question raised by the prime minister. He’d had to ask him to repeat it. Not good, not good at all (nod to Jack Reacher).

Damn her anyway! As that thought flashed through him, he could hear her voice saying, “Am I really the problem, Ewan?” Good question.

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Tell Me It’s Not So!

I just met a middle years woman, like myself, who during the course of our conversation said, “I have yet to meet a woman who considers her husband a good lover. Please tell me this sad statement isn’t true! Thankfully – hear me shout here – in my marriage of more than 20 years, our sex just keeps getting better and better (and I’m on firm ground here when I say that it gets better and better for both of us).

Sex is such a fundamental and crucial part of a loving romantic partnership. I have real trouble imagining how an intimate relationship can grow without sex. Out of curiosity, I thought of cruising the Internet to find out if there are any statistics on the percentage of relationships in North America where couples coexist with minimal or no sex. However, that will have to wait for another time. It’s spice time here at the Darville household.

From time to time, Neil and I add a little interest to our loves lives by adding a little something to change up the mix. We done many things like what I call The Fantasy Games when we take turns writing fantasies and seeing where they take us when exploring them on our date night. And then, there is our Double Diary; more on that later. For our latest adventure, we’ve decided to share writing a story – what fun! I started and wrote the first few paragraphs in our journal. Now Neil will take it and add the next section and take it in whatever direction strikes him. Then it will be my turn again.  So here’s how I started….

Ewan realized that Amber wasn’t into the whole S/D lifestyle. She had made it clear that she wasn’t into real pain or humiliation. Yet, she had the capacity to completely release her will and submit sexually. And each time they came together, Ewan became more fixated on having her submit her sexual will to him. His fascination for her many layers crept into his thoughts far too often, unbidden, and that disturbed him.

This was not a woman who would every say, “Yes, sir” (yes, folks, this is a nod to some recent popular erotic fiction). Yet he was convinced she was capable, no needed, complete surrender.

Or was she just pliable?….

Neil is off playing golf, and I’m just home from work. Time to settle in and see what Neil wrote in response. Then add more of my own (where’s an emoticon when you need one?!).

Until next time….


Are We Just Lucky?

My husband Neil and I embrace sex with equal passion. We don’t just like sex, we love, adore and enthusiastically pursue the sexual side of our relationship. A friend recently asked if we enjoyed our sex as much as we appear to enjoy each other’s company, and that was my answer. She remarked on how unusual this was for a couple with 20+ years behind them; she and her husband have rarely made love in several years. She went on to describe several couples she knows with similar experience; their sex lives have limped to a stop. How sad this is if it is true!

When she asked if we’d always had great sex, I paused for a moment to remember. We always had a strong appetite for sex and discovered early on that we liked to explore. In the early dating stage — we actually never dated, but that’s another story — some of that exploration happened with others, but like polar attraction, or perhaps it was pheromones, we came together more and more frequently. (Yes, that pun was intended.)

No folks, this is not one of those romance stories about Prince Charming riding in on his white steed to sweep the Princess off her feet. Nor is it one of those stories that culminates in the besotted man doing something incredible romantic to propose, usually involving going down on one knee in an exotic locale like Dubai (yes, I’ve actually met people who swear these are true stories). It is, however, the story of an enduring love and passion that went from a simmer to a boil, and trust me on this, it is a great place to be with a partner after many years.

Neil was not an easy man to get into bed. He is older than me, and there was something about my youthful innocence and intense nature that made him cautious. But there were those pheromones that led to many hours of foreplay that built sexual tension. He would play with my body for hours before sending me home, dripping with frustration. Despite my best efforts, which, I will admit showed the awkwardness of inexperience, I could not coerce him into intercourse, nor would he let me bring him off in other ways. He brought the same measure of control to all aspects of our sexual exploration, and it proved to be well worth the wait. Our sexual encounters quickly grew to marathon sessions with more than a few of them breaking records for the longevity.

One night after a particularly lengthy session during our first year living together, Neil asked me if I was achieving orgasms during our sex. This was a good question and one I had wondered about myself. I remembered a remark one of my roommates had made during a similar discussion and replied, “If I don’t know if I’ve had one, I haven’t.”

“You mean with me or ever?” he asked.

Purple with embarrassment and grateful for the ambient light, I said, “Never.”

I rushed on to reassure him that he wasn’t the problem, that with him I’d been closer to one than I’d ever been with anyone else. Of course, that’s no wonder with the parade of thirty-second wonders I’d had the misfortune to experience. Neil, however, did not take this personally at all; he saw it as an opportunity and a challenge. Neil loves women’s bodies, and although I didn’t know it at the time, he loved (and still does) my sexuality, and he was determined to do whatever it took to help me reach the ultimate pinnacle. He felt all I needed was the time to relax and let my body overrule my mind, so time he took. That first orgasm rocked my world as have the many thousands since.

My friend asked if our love making ever feels routine, and I replied, “Rarely, if ever.” I would say never, but the proverbial cliche springs to mind. She suggested I share some of our “secrets.” There’s no big mystery to what makes our love making interesting and fun with the desire of those first few times. I’ll share some insights and stories that brought Neil and me pleasure and joy.

Let me know if there’s a particular sexual fantasy you’d like to hear about. Chances are we’ve discussed or explored it over the years. Enjoy!