5516378-two-young-men-fighting I stumbled across the stone patio that spread across the back of the large estate. I gulped the cool night air, trying to get rid of the large lump that threatened to choke off my breathing.

This is why I hate feeling. Hate it. Hate it. Hate it.

I looked up into the night sky. The stars winked back at me as if they knew a secret they weren’t willing to share. For a moment, nothing existed in my universe except for enormity of nature and my breaking heart. A solitary cloud drifted across the face of the full moon. The shimmering moonlight darkened, matching the conflicting feelings that were tearing me apart.

It was several minutes before I became aware of the smell of cigarette smoke drifting from the shadows beside me. The hair stood up on the back of my neck. I spun, and saw the outline of a man as he slouched against a low wall. He wore a pair of tight fitting jeans, an open jean shirt, and deck shoes. His smug smile reflected an arrogance that was obviously contrived to belittle others and remind them of his superiority.

“That’s right, little man. It’s me, Ken,” he said. “I thought that was you.” He came away from the wall and slowly ground the cigarette butt with the toe of his shoe.

“So, how’d you like the show. She’s magnificent, isn’t she? But then rumour has it that you know how talented she is. I would imagine she played you for whatever she wanted. How does it feel to be the latest young toy for her amusement?”

Bile rose in my throat as I turned and faced the man.

“Huh,” he said. “You really believed it was more than Meredith just satisfying her insatiable need, didn’t you?”

“Don’t you dare talk about her like that, you complete fucking asshole,” I said in a low, tight voice. My fists clenched and unclenched at my sides.

The man named Ken laughed and said, “I can talk about her any way I want, little man. I plan to own her. If you’re lucky, I might let you fuck her once more; but I get to watch.”

A film of dark red slid over my eyes. I lunged, but Ken was ready for it. His fist shot out catching me just below his rib cage. I fell to my knees, bending neatly in half with arms clutching my guts, and tried to catch what was left of my breath. My humiliation worsened by the fact that Ken stood there laughing at me.

Brian’s sneakers rushed into view then planted, wide apart, in front of Ken.

“Why don’t you pick on someone your own size, you prick,” Brian said.

If I hadn’t been doubled over in pain, I might have laughed. I imagined Brian standing up to Ken, feet planted wide apart, fists raised. One thing about it, Brian never shied away from a fight. He might not be as big as Ken, but he was fast. As my breathing eased a little, I moved out of the fight zone to support myself against the garden wall.

“Oh really, ant? You want some too?” Ken threw a punch at Brian’s chin. Brian dodged and returned with an upper cut that met the sheet metal of Ken’s abs. The man didn’t even wince; he simply smiled and watched Brian’s dance. Brian stilled, braced on his toes, watching for Ken’s counter attack. With the speed of a cat playing with a mouse, Ken slapped Brian’s face and twisted a lock of his long black hair around his fist. He spun Brian around and placed a massive forearm around his throat.

“Come to papa, sweetheart,” Ken crooned in Brian’s ear. “Let papa show you what a real man feels like.”

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Celebrating a 5-Star Raving Canadian Fan Review

raving fan5.0 out of 5 stars Sensual Dreamland Mar 24 2013
By Lola
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
I think this (Scorpio Awakens by Lilith Darville) is my first ebook. I love books but space is becoming an issue. It was an experiment. No steamy cover lying around the house is kind of a bonus. I found it an escape to a sensual dreamland – I like the charachters I can really relate to as they draw me into the story totally, and the ones that are dreamy, part of the fantasy. The story is fun…the suspense makes me turn the page to discover what happens, and not just skip to the next steamy bit!! Great read to simply enjoy and get into an erotic headspace – which is what I want from a novel like this and my erotic headspace is not that easy to fire up – better be a bit spicy – and the sex scenes are great. I need this kind of exiting relaxation in my life. Looking forward to more!! Think I will buy a hard copy for an friend who is also likes this kind of fiction and introduce her – imagine some of these limited prints especially if you get a whole series might be worth something some day.
Thank you, Lola – May romance be with you!

5-Star Raving Fan Amazon Review

raving fan

Amazon Review #2

Ah; I blush with the praise. Many thanks, Michelle; I very much appreciate the feedback!

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Another Scorpio Awakens 4-Star Review

raving fan

4-star review

I appreciate the feedback!

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Whoo Hoo – another 5-star review!

Annette Review

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“Holy Wow!” 5-Star Scorpio Awakens Raving Fan Review

raving fanI’m happy to share a 5-star review of Scorpio Awakens with you. If I needed incentive to work on Book 2 (which I don’t), this would certainly give it to me. I love hearing your feedback – thank you, Danielle!

May romance be with you!


Amazon Review


“Thanks for a crazy, erotic story” – a Scorpio Awakens review

raving fanI’m delighted to share a comment I received today from a Goodreads reader. Kimberley wrote:

“Read it!! LOVED it!!!! Pissed I have to wait for the NEXT book! but Ive been a grouchy bitch lately about waiting lol……will definitely read the next one! Thanks for a crazy, erotic story :)”

I look forward to reading your reviews on Amazon and Goodreads or any of your other ebook formats.

Without further ado, I’d better get back to working on “Scorpio Begins” – the story of Connor and his tumultuous romance with Meredith.

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Scorpio Awakens – The Big Day!

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