Scorpio Awakens Chapter 17 Snippet – Connor

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Greetings Readers! Work on the book is progressing full speed. I’m doing the very last read-through to ensure that you’re getting the best story before I send it off to the publisher. Meanwhile, thanks again for your patience and support! In your honour, here’s a snippet from Chapter 17.

It was Connor’s turn to look away and examine the interior of the limousine. What was it about Tim that unsettled him? There were only three people in his life who had ever had the ability to strike an emotional chord in him—Brian, Meredith and Katherine. And now, here was Tim with his academic analysis and charming personality triggering a degree of self-examination that Connor had always avoided. There was something about him that Connor couldn’t quite put his finger on, but Tim’s calm, caramel-brown eyes seemed to bathe him with acceptance making him feel at peace. He shook himself back to the present. Tim was still looking at him.

“Let’s see. She’s told me that you’re the first man she ever had an orgasm with, and, until recently, you were the only person who had ever brought her to orgasm. And she told me that she’s afraid you won’t be able to satisfy her sexual needs. She’s afraid she might have to leave you to find what she needs.”

“Cut the crap, Connor. You really can be a prick, can’t you. Don’t try to play me. We can either agree to work honestly together for Katherine’s sake, or we can call it quits right now. Quite frankly I’m surprised by you. Kat led me to believe you were a better person than this. She believes in you. Is she wrong?”

Connor sighed. Katie was right. Tim might seem like the mild-mannered professor, but there was a core of steel and decency in this man, and it would take more than Connor had to offer to shake his foundation.

“I apologize, Tim, and you’re right. I don’t know what got into me. Maybe I’ve been a player for so long that it’s second nature.”

“That’s more crap and you know it. You can be whoever you wish to be. And for this to work with me, with us, I need your word that you’ll be as honest with me as I commit to being with you. That is the only way we can do this without endangering Kat’s emotional stability, and I won’t allow anything to even come close to threatening her in any way.”

“Neither would I,” Connor said heatedly. “Katie is possibly the only person alive that I would go out of my way to protect. I will never do anything to intentionally hurt her.”

“And I will never allow anyone or anything to cause her pain if it’s in my power to prevent it,” Tim said.

“I may have the power to bruise her, Tim, but only you have the power to break her. If I allowed myself to feel envy, I’d certainly feel it about your relationship with Katie.”

“Huh, that’s what Kat said,” Tim said.

“What, that I could bruise her?

“No, that I was the only person she’d allowed in and that I could destroy her.”

“Our Katie is a wise woman,” Connor said. “You’ll learn most of what she said when she gushed about you during your training. She made it clear that you’re the centre of her universe.

May romance be with you!

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Sex Toys – What Kind To Buy

This is certainly one of the questions Neil and I struggle with as we peruse the aisles of our local sex-toy stores. If you’re anything like us, you’ve made a few purchases that you used once before they were relegated to that hidie box in the closet. Maybe some of the suggestions in this article will help. Enjoy!

Sex Toys – What Kind To Buy.

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Scorpio Awakens #15 Snippet – Connor

Hello Readers – I hope this note finds you well and thriving!

I’ve been having lots of fun doing research for this chapter. It amazes me how much time can be spent making sure I’m giving an accurate representation of descriptions and facts, such as what types of electronic scanning technology is recommended if one wishes to be certain that uninvited guests cannot enter the premises. I’m hopeful that this time will be well spent and that you’ll find the information I give to support my imaginings will feel authentic to you.

So, this chapter is from Connor’s perspective, and he’s going to give Tim a final test before he fully commits to training him to be Katherine’s Dom.


“I belong to an exclusive BDS society, call it a club if you will, called The Scorpio 2/4. I’m taking you there as my guest so you can see first hand what true Doms and Subs are like.”

“Now wait just a–”

“Hear me out, Tim; don’t get excited. You don’t have to participate; actually, it should be quite appealing to your voyeuristic tendencies. It’s all very confidential and security is tight. Everyone wears a mask, so you don’t need to worry about being recognized, nor will you recognize anyone. I’m offering you the chance to explore the world of bondage, discipline, domination and submission first hand. Our members don’t get into sado-masochism; there are other clubs for those interested in participating in that world. Of course, if you’re not interested, we can turn around right now; just say the word.”

“I want to hear more about it before I decide,” Tim said. “Do you have any rum?”

Connor laughed and mixed a rum and Pepsi for him. “I assume you have questions,” he said.

“Oh, I have a lot of questions,” Tim said. “Like where is it? And why not Scorpio two four nineteen? Like why would your members let a complete stranger watch them? Like how do I know there won’t be pressure for me to participate? Like –”

“Whoa whoa.” Connor laughed. “You are quick. One question at a time please. As for where it is, it’s in upstate New York. All members agree to take personal responsibility for any guests they bring, but to ensure our safety and security, we never disclose the location. I’m sure you noticed that there are no windows in this limo.”

“Yes, I noticed. Pretty cloak and dagger.”

“It’s not foolproof, but it does deter intruders from invading our privacy. All members are thoroughly vetted by a security firm. A member can only gain access with a fingerprint, retinal and voice scan. Two four nineteen is too cumberesome. As for why members would let a complete stranger watch them, that’s an easy one. As part of the extensive vetting process, the applicant specifies what particular activites they’re disposed to, including voyeurism and exhibitionism. There are viewing rooms for the voyeurs, activity rooms for the exhibitionists and private rooms for those who prefer privacy.” Connor poured himself another two fingers of scotch without taking his eyes off of Tim.

“Huh. I’m surprised that you limit yourselves to the confines of one location, or do you?” Tim asked.

“How perceptive of you, Tim. Members recognize each other with this ring, which enables them to take part in their particular hobby without disruption to their usually vanilla home lives.”

“A scorpian? Why a scorpian?”


So there you have it, a little teaser to keep you going. And now I’d better get back to putting the final polish on Chapter 16, which is Tim’s experience at The Scorpio.

As always, I’d love to hear your feedback and comments. I thank you all for hanging in there and supporting me through this exciting first novel experience of mine – very different from writing textbooks, articles and short stories.

May romance be with you!

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Hello Readers – I hope you’ve had a fabulous week! Mine has been the usual busy combination of re-writing, pinning (on Pinterest), tweeting and reading. I zoomed through Sylvia Day’s “Reflected in You,” which is the second book in her Crossfire Series, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I must say that I was quite startled by the ending; but, as a writer, I know that it’s best for me to suspend making any judgments until I see how she’ll handle her cliffhanger in the third book. Do join our Crossfire Series group on Goodreads if you’d like to view or participate in many indepth discussions on both “Bared to You” and “Reflected in You.”

Meanwhile, I’ve been busy with edits on “Scorpio Awakens,” and here’s a snippet from the Double Diary entry in Chapter 14 when Tim introduces the concept to Katherine:

Once we’d eaten more than our fill including a decadent bread pudding slathered in sweet cream and fresh coconut cake, we rolled our way over to the chaise lounge perched across the edge of the deck. By this time we were well into the first bottle of Amarone, and I figured the mood was just about right to invite open and candid dialogue.

“Okay, babe, what’s on your mind?” Katherine asked. I smiled in recognition of her usual direct and intuitive nature. I handed her a journal before sitting on the lounge chair opposite.

“I wrote this for you, Kat. Please read it and let me know what you think.”

A Double Diary on Tuesday, August 21

Not a new concept, but unique considering the traditional diary is usually a one-person endeavour that offers the benefit of personal insight and/or a record for historical reflection. A two-person diary provides the opportunity for so much more.

I intend to use it, and it is my hope that you will too. Why? One day, it may be a very interesting and emotional read. A reflection of the day to day, week to week, month to month relationship of two people’s lives, thoughts, concerns, needs, wants, etc., but most importantly, the shared love!

This is the long-term perspective, but the true essence of this diary is the day-to-day notations of private thoughts to be shared by us. There should be an attempt to make our notations of a personal nature, which, if you think about it, really opens the door. Notations do not have to be every day, every week or even every month. It would be good to sign and date notations made. This helps to maintain a chronological perspective, but it does not preclude any other form of interaction from verbal to your sticky notes. I like those. They give me a good example of my intentions for this diary. You don’t write a sticky-note everyday; sometimes not for months. But, when the mood strikes you, you share your thoughts. This does not imply that your diary notations will always be positive. In fact, I’m sure you remember how much easier it is to deal with issues, sometimes, some issues, on paper. It gives you that arms-length protection, giving time for considered thought.

Thoughts on sex is another great example. Just think of the possibilities. Stories, short or otherwise, to stimulate. Fantasies to excite. (Yes, yes; just another word for stimulate as I guess that’s the point of sex.) Insights into our sexual activities. Such as, “Oh, I liked this” or “That was different.” Of course, I would write back asking for elaboration and perhaps share thoughts from my perspective. So many possibilities!

I believe I’m getting excited just writing about what we could write about. In any case, I’m sure this could be a place to express those things that at the time would only disrupt that languid aftermath. After having you, I can only feel good, but I wouldn’t usually want to break down the activity. The next day, we could talk, but time and life circumstance sometimes supersede the opportunity. That is not to say we shouldn’t talk. I certainly enjoy that as well. This provides another great outlet for insight into the pursuit of perfection. I’m not sure how you could get any better, but I’d love to try.

Sex is not by any means the exclusive focus for this diary, but, as I indicated to you, it was the catalyst….

Can we take another step, through this diary, to even more hidden desires and new experiences? Perhaps. At least, even sharing and recognizing your sexuality excites; it’s another form of foreplay. Anyway, a diary provides an outlet for fun and insight when other methods of communication just don’t work or become awkward for various reasons….

Life cycles, and so would the use of this diary. Now for the logistics. I would probably keep it in our bedroom, possibly in my beside table drawer for easy access for us. If and when I write something, I will tell you or hand it to you. I’m just trying to facilitate the ease of process, confidentiality and privacy for us.

I eagerly await your comments. Tim

The smile of delight never left her face. After another gulp of wine, she grabbed the pen, bit her lip for a minute, and then wrote frantically. I sat mesmerized. No matter how long our time together, she never ceased to amaze me. She sipped and wrote. I refilled and watched. Eventually, she handed me the notebook, grinning….


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Scorpio Awakens Ch. 8: Tim – Erotica

Source: Darksan9elI looked around the amazing room. From what I could see, everything about it was opulent from the vaulted ceilings to the cork flooring. Oak wainscotting was the perfect complement to what looked like alternating panels of a rich silken blue material. The dim lighting left much of the room in shadow, and what light there was seemed to concentrate on the den. It sat in blackness, and I wondered what was happening on the other side of that wall. Was Katherine already there? Had they already started?

“Will it be long before they start?”

“It will be a few minutes,” Liz said, “so you might as well make yourself comfortable. Help yourself to something to eat. May I pour you a drink?”

“What do you have?” I asked.

Liz smiled and her very white and perfectly even teeth peeked through her rosebud lips. I caught a hint of a very exotic scent as my eyes strayed from her face to the open robe. I felt a stirring in my loins and shook my head hoping to come to my senses. Never, since I’d committed to Katherine, had I even been tempted by another woman. Sure, I was a normal, red-blooded male and an attractive woman might catch my eye, but that was the extent of it. Katherine satisfied my every need; I had no reason to look elsewhere. And now I was faced with this incredible-looking woman who seemed to seep sexuality from her very pores. I didn’t even like Elizabeth Taylor, and I was getting a hard on.

“No drink first?” she asked, outright grinning at me now.

“Um, no, I mean, that’s not what I meant.” I shook his head again feeling like some kind of marionette. “What have you got?”

“Anything you like.” I swallowed hard as I felt another twitch in my pants, and the action hadn’t started yet. It was going to be a long night.

“Rum and coke, please.”

“Light, dark or amber? Ice?” Liz started toward a cabinet that stood against the far wall and took down two glasses. I watched the sway of what looked like curvaceous buttocks peeking from underneath the robe. She turned back and looked at me when I didn’t respond.

“Amber with ice.”

She smiled at me again. “You might as well make yourself comfortable. May I suggest that chair?” She pointed to an overstuffed recliner sitting off to one side of the closet. “It will give you a good view of the bed.” She mixed our drinks – hers looked like some kind of fancy martini – and brought mine over to me. I took it from her outstreched arm and slowly sat back in the arm chair. Liz sat in a chair off to one side that I hadn’t noticed when I arrived. It looked like some kind of lounger. She lay back on it, her gown gaping open at the front. Feeling a little guilty at the answering report from Big Hugh, I studiously turned my attention back to the inner room and took another gulp of my drink.

Tim, my lad, you’d better watch it or you’ll be stone drunk before you know it. I took a deep breath and concentrated on slowing my breathing. Just when I had it under control, a light shone through a crack in the wall in front of me, and I realized the curtain on one of the windows had opened revealing Connor looking straight at me wearing nothing but a pair of briefs. I took a quick look at his excellent muscle definition and downed more of the drink. Liz replenished the drink.

“He can’t see you,” Liz said. “He’s looking into the mirror on the other side.”

I relaxed a fraction and turned my attention to the low queen-sized bed sitting in the middle of the floor of the small room. Katherine lay on her back, her arms and legs stretched as far as they would go. Some sort of band surrounded each wrists that were attached to a chain that seemed connected to some sort of bolt at the head of the bed. She was blindfolded, and her large beautiful nipples stood rigid reminding me of those small red licorice candies just waiting to be sucked and nibbled.

Connor walked over and took hold of both of Katherine’s ankles, spreading her legs wide before moving to the side of the bed. I stared directly into my wife’s already wet lips, her clit matched her nipples as it begged for attention. My pants felt uncomfortably tight, and I wriggled in the chair seeking a more comfortable position.

So far, so good. I haven’t lost it yet. Actually I found I was more excited and intrigued than threatened. Maybe that was the booze talking. I watched Connor pick something up from a small side table that was the only other furniture in the den. He turned and held a long white feather up to the light before sitting on the side of the bed, his back toward us, and leaning over Katherine. It looked like he said something to her, and after a moment, she nodded her head.

“How come we can’t hear anything?” I asked.

“Because Connor hasn’t turned the sound system on. Sometimes he likes to watch with sound, sometimes without.,” Liz said.

“Well, I’d like to hear what’s going on.”

“I’m sure he’ll turn it on if and when he’s ready. I’m not sure what his plan is for tonight. I only know my instructions.”

“Which are?”

“To take good care of you and give you anything you need.”

I took another drink and started to ask what she meant by ‘give’ me anything instead of ‘get’ me anything, but my gaze was drawn back to the window. Katherine was squirming as Connor drew the feather from neck to groin and back again, pausing only to circle each nipple and brush her erect clit. Her lips pressed tightly together, she shook her head violently from side to side every few minutes. I knew this body language from our own love making. Had Connor told her to be quiet? Did he know all of her sexual secrets?

My erection grew, and I stood to take the pressure off. I needed a washroom, loath as I was to leave the action. I looked around the room again wondering where it was.

“It’s through that door,” Liz said pointing to a door I hadn’t noticed. What the hell? It’s like she can read my mind. “There’s a robe in there waiting for you. You’ll feel much more comfortable in it.”

Damn that Connor. He thought of everything. I closed the door, turned on the tap and splashed cold water over my face. Damn Big Hugh too. I had a tremedous urge to masterbate, but resisted it. I’d miss too much of what I’d come here to see. After wriggling out of my jeans and boxer briefs, I donned the thick cotton robe hanging from a hook on the back of the door. I returned to find Connor sitting facing the window stroking Katherine’s glistening cunt with his index finger, a slight smile accenting his raw sexuality. As if on cue, he knelt between her legs and licked the juices running down her thighs. I barely noticed as Liz walked over and stood quietly by my side.

Every fiber of my being focused on what was happening in the small room. I watched Katherine writhe under Connor’s ministrations and could feel the moans I couldn’t hear radiate through my being pushing my already engorged penis to the point of pain. When Katherine arched in the rigid movement that signalled the onset of her orgasm, I arched back and grabbed the arms of the chair barely aware of the low moan that escaped my tortured throat.

I almost screamed when I felt the warm wet mouth slide down the length of my shaft. For a fleeting second, I was aware of a jumble of thoughts tumbling through my mind, but I was far beyond latching on to any one of them. Liz slid her lips up toward the tip of my cock running her tongue along the sensitive underside before swirling it around Hugh’s purple head, and he became an entity onto himself. As he tensed ready to explode, she wrapped her thumb and index finger tightly around the base making a breathy noise that simultaneously sounded like she was telling Hugh to shush and felt like she was blowing warm air to soothe his aching glans. She slowly slid the tip of her tongue up and down his shaft until my ragged breathing slowed before burying him in her mouth once again. She alternated between a slow, languid rhythm and short, tight contractions of her mouth as she worked her way around my cock in a way I’d never experienced before. Her masterful technique made up for the lack of eagerness and hunger that Katherine showed when sucking my cock. I thought my cock would burst it was so engorged.

I watched her beautifully-formed lips work with the grace of a ballet dancer and groaned as I felt my testicles constrict once again. She stopped, waited a few beats for Hugh to settle then went back to doing the dance of the sugar plum fairies. She swirled her tongue around the entire surface, then took gentle nips with her teeth along the underside. Soft and slow, nice and easy. Soft and slow, nice and easy. Each time my breathing slowed, she devoured Big Hugh. Hard and fast, moist and firm. When the mood struck her, she played him with her fingers up and down and around in a magical way that reminded me of a fairy coaxing flowers open with the lilt of her flute.  In the back of my mind I felt a thought flicker before it drifted away – certainly my heart couldn’t take the strain. Soft and slow, nice and easy. Fingers running a scale up a flute. Hard and fast, moist and firm.

Without warning, she picked up the pace, her mouth suctioning my cock in a rhythm that continued to gain speed. My testicles felt like some sort of constrictive device had cut off the flow making it impossible to come.  There was nothing in my world except the pumping of my heart, the tingling of my nerves and the pain in my cock as I strained and begged for release. I was vaguely aware of a great scream coming from somewhere. I arched backward, my pelvis thrust forward, every muscle taut. And I came, and came, and came, muscles contracting and sensation bringing every nerve alive. Sweat poured off me as I collapsed back into the chair. I panted and panted, lungs reaching for air like a swimmer who finally breaks the surface of a crystal clear lake after staying submerged those few minutes too long.

When rational thought finally returned, I opened my eyes, suddenly aware of the emptiness of the room. I looked at the den only to find the curtains drawn; not even a sliver of light shone through. A quick circuit of the room proved I was alone. I sat there stunned as coherent thought slowly returned. What have you done. You fool, Tim. Now you’ve done it. You’ve betrayed Katherine’s trust. You idiot! Now there’s no turning back.

Should I try to find Connor? I decided against it. Suddenly ravenous, I filled a plate and took my time sampling the gourmet fare letting my mind skip randomly through a string of complex thoughts, refusing to study the quagmire that had suddenly become my life. I took a liesurely shower, dressed and left. Time to go home to Katherine. At least I hoped I’d get home to a waiting Katherine….


As soon as she heard the shower, Liz slipped back into the room and lifted Tim’s jacket from the back of his chair. She checked each pocket until she found his cell phone and slid it out. Listening carefully to be sure that Tim wouldn’t surprise her, she scrolled through the recent text messages on the Blackberry. Sure enough, the third one was “Kat’s,” and she smiled in triumph. After a quick furtive glance at the bathroom door, she fixed her attention on the tiny screen and tapped out a message.

Kitty Kat - Who was Tim with while you were fucking – what's his name – oh yes, Connor?


Liz sent the text and smiled in triumph as she put the phone back in Tim’s breast pocket. That bitch had almost ruined things for her once before, and she’s make damned sure that it didn’t happen again.

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