What He REALLY Thinks About During Sex With You

What He Really ThinksGreat article with his and her viewpoints from the Ask Dan and Jennifer blog.

Is there any woman who doesn’t want to know what goes on inside the male mind? If you’re like most (okay probably all) women, you’ve thought about what your man is thinking…

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5 Sex Secrets He’d Die From If You Found Out

What a great article on a few of the sex secrets that some men have; and, in my experience, five is just the tip of the iceberg. As our relationship deepened and trust grew, we grew comfortable sharing even our darkest sexual fantasies and this increased our pleasure exponentially. So, if you haven’t already, start sharing some of your most exciting fantasies with your man, and he, in turn, will share back. Remember to listen with an open mind; after all, you don’t need to try all of them to hear about them and enjoy the trust your partner is placing in you. Take baby steps, but do it!

5 Sex Secrets He’d Die From If You Found Out.

May romance be with you!

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Women Know Best

I realize I’m blessed in having an exceptional lover in Neil, who gets maximum pleasure from experiencing my arousal and enjoyment. For those who aren’t so lucky, here’s some good advice.


Check out the We-Vibe!


Neil and I stumbled across this cute and effective vibrator while shopping yesterday. It’s medical-grade silicone and slides over the clitoris and G-spot. Best of all, your man can comfortable slide his penis over it while it massages your G-spot. Of course, try it yourself first to get used to the different vibes and pulses using the – get this – wireless remote. Enjoy!

What are your favourite sex toys?